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Ongo is a partnership set up by the people of Ongo Homes to give something back to communities.Its purpose is to look for new business opportunities, whilst also creating new initiatives to help the people of North Lincolnshire.
All profit made through the partnership will be reinvested directly into Ongo Homes. That is guaranteed.

Why was Ongo set up?

In 2012 we contacted our 10,000 tenants and people we work with to talk about how we wanted to do more to invest in the communities of North Lincolnshire. 

On hearing our plans, Tenant Ordinary Members voted in favour of us setting up a new group. So we set up the partnership of companies, recruited new board members, started to promote the partnership and ongo was created. This is with the full knowledge and approval of the Homes and Communities Agency, which regulates Ongo Homes as a social housing provider.

What does Ongo mean?

Ongo comes from the partnership’s ongoing commitment to reinvesting into homes and communities in North Lincolnshire.

Its purpose is to create income to reinvest into building new homes for Ongo Homes, and to develop new opportunities for tenants and others, whether it be through training and employment or even healthy living – in fact anything that might improve the lives and homes of local people.

We have spent a lot of time thinking about how we could grow Ongo Homes to do more. With help from tenants and staff, we realised we wanted a vibrant and positive partnership of companies which will help improve lives but raise income to build new and affordable homes, which are badly needed.
Chief Executive Andy Orrey

Who is in Ongo?

Not only does Ongo include Ongo Homes, but in 2014 Crosby Employment Bureau became a partner too. Ongo also has a commercial arm to sell services for profit (such as our Locksmiths Service), and a charities arm, to look at setting up new social enterprises to help local people.

Ongo has one simple promise, which every member of the partnership will live by. That is: ‘everything we do is put back into local communities’.

This partnership has grown from the achievements already made by Ongo Homes in improving homes and environments. There is a desire of staff and board members to do more to help people in their homes and lives. We have a strong will to build the partnership so that it offers new services and business opportunities not only to help local people but to raise money for new developments.
David Hilditch, Chair

Page last updated: 22 December 2015

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