Reporting ASB

Talk about it

Only if you feel it is safe to do so - try talking to the person who is causing a problem. Tell them how their behaviour is impacting on you and try to come to a compromise; in many situations people don’t realise they are causing a problem.

Write it down

We can successfully solve most disputes without having to take serious action. However, if the situation is bad enough, we will take legal action, or even to evict them. To take legal action we need lots of evidence to prove your case, such as a carefully written-down description of every incident you are subjected to.

This is why we may ask you to keep an incident diary. So your incident diary is as helpful as possible please read the document carefully and follow the guidelines. It might seem a lot but it will really help you in the long run.

Talk to us

If anti-social behaviour is affecting you and you feel you cannot talk to the person who is causing the issues, contact us. Your identity and the information you provide to us will stay confidential.

If you don’t feel you can speak to us directly, a family member or a friend is more than welcome to contact us on your behalf.


We are currently developing a form you can complete online which takes you through all the information we need to know to help you with your complaint.

By telephone

You can call us on 01724 279900.

In person

You can visit our Customer Centre, on Cole Street in Scunthorpe.


Page last updated: 22 December 2015


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