Changes to benefits

The way benefits are paid is changing. You need to take action if you are affected.

Please note the changes do not affect people of pension age.

The changes include:

How we can help you

We have a Financial Inclusion Team which has been set up just to help you through the changes.

The team has the skills to help you make the right financial decisions, whether it be setting up a bank account, arranging Direct Debits or lowering your household bills. Contact the team today: (01724) 279900.

What can you do?

Check out the local council's benefits calculator or take a look at the tools and resources available on Turn 2 Us, for a useful benefits calculator and grants search tools.

Budget carefully

It is very important you get the right advice. This will allow you to budget for the changes and plan ahead so you don’t end up running out of money.

Get a bank account

With Universal Credit coming soon, all benefit payments will be paid directly to you so you need a bank account. Having an account will help you to manage your money, set up monthly Direct Debits and take the worry out of budgeting. If you don’t have a bank account, call us straight away and we will help.

Set up a Direct Debit

The best way to make sure your rent is paid on time is to set up a Direct Debit so you rent money is transferred automatically to Ongo Homes. Direct Debits are quick and convenient, payments can be altered if your rent changes, and payments are secure and covered by a guarantee.

Get online

Most benefits claims will be made online. If you need help getting online, we have set up our own broadband service which has discounted rates for our tenants. Call us for more info.

Check out our short video to learn more about benefit changes

Page last updated: 19 January 2016


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