Community Voice

Community Voice is the name of the group of residents who represent you and who are supported by us. CV
They have a constitution and everything.

People on the group are mainly from Residents Associations or are Ordinary members of Ongo Homes but there's some from local minority groups and different areas too.

They all have one thing in common though and that is they all care passionately about the places they - and you - live.

The point of bringing them together in one group is so they can tell us what you want from us, make sure we know what works for tenants, and what more we should be doing.

In fact, Community Voice are as much part of our business as any of our employees. That's how much we value their help and support.

To view a copy of the Community Constitution please click here.

Community Voice meetings usually take place monthly at Heslam Park, Rugby Club. The next meeting will take place on 13th March 2017 (AGM)

 Please find below the minutes and action plans of the most recent meetings:

Please find below the latest editions of our Community Voice Newsletter:


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