Ways you can join us

We want to tempt you to join us in growing our services in the future so, we thought what better way than in a menu. We call it our Menu of Options.

Below is a sample of what we are serving up for you to get stuck into. If anything takes your fancy, give the Customer Engagement Team a call on: 01724 279900 or email: customer.engagement@ongo.co.uk.



Resident Associations & Community Groups

We support lots of Resident Associations & Community Groups. Check to see if there is one in your area, or give our Customer Engagement Team a call on 01724 298868 to find out when they are next meeting.

Community Voice

Community Voice is the name of the group of residents who represent you and who are supported by us.

Membership for the Community Voice group is open to any  Ongo Homes Tenants and Leaseholders (including Ordinary Members of Ongo Homes). The membership will be open to accommodate the diverse needs of all Ongo Home residents.

The members of the group all have one thing in common and that is they all care passionately about the local community and areas they live.

The point of bringing them together in one group is so they can tell us what people want from us, make sure we know what works for tenants, and what more we should be doing.

In fact, Community Voice are as much a part of our business as any of our employees. That's how much we value their help and support.

The group have their own constitution, to view a copy of the Community Voice Constitution please click here.

Tenant Board Members

The Board of Ongo Homes has overall legal responsibility for governing the organisation. All our Board Members are volunteers.

There are two tenant reps. Having tenants on the Board means residents are involved at the highest level of decision making.

Tenant board members are elected for a set period of time and when a board member steps down, there will be a recruitment and selection process to find out who will replace them. Being a board member is of huge importance.

Time commitment – you’ll need to commit an average of ten hours per month.

Residents Scrutiny Panel

Do you have some spare time on your hands? Have you thought about volunteering? Do you want to be involved with a panel that really make a difference?

This is a group of residents who carry out detailed investigations into different parts of our services. They look at current procedures, customer satisfaction levels, keep an eye out on what others are doing to share good ideas, and make official suggestions for improvements. They report to the Board so they are very influential.

Time commitment – meetings usually last for three hours and the frequency of meetings increases during an investigation. Plus, there is an extra time commitment for personal research (depending on the work involved for each investigation).

We currently have some vacancies on our Resident Scrutiny Panel, who are a group of tenants working together to help make improvements to the services that Ongo Homes provide.

The main role of the panel is to investigate different parts of the business and to challenge and independently check Ongo Homes services as a critical friend.

You will be given the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills, while having the chance to make a significant difference and the chance to meet new people.

As this is a voluntary role, you will be paid for any expenses incurred while carrying out your role as a member of the panel.

For more details, please contact a member of staff in the Customer Engagement team on:

01724 279900 or via email: customer.engagement@ongo.co.uk

To view the Scrutiny Panel's most recent reports please click on the links below:



Diversity Steering Group


This is a group of residents and staff who make sure all our customers are treated fairly and equally and have access to all our services.

Time commitment - meetings will normally be on a quarterly basis, however sub-groups may meet on an ad-hoc basis and will generally be project specific.

The Purpose of the Diversity Working Group

To raise awareness of Equality and Diversity related issues, oversee the progress in all Equality and Diversity activities and make sure Equality and Diversity is embedded across the group.

Our Objectives

  • To champion and rasie the profile of E&D throughout the Partnership.
  • To make sure the E&D Champions are fully equipped with the essential skills to be able to champion E&D across the Partnership.
  • To provide a focus to drive forward the E&D agenda across the Partnership, our partners, stakeholders and suppliers.
  • To identify and address improvements that need to be made to current practices accross the partnership in respect of E&D.
  • To oversee and monitor the implementation of E&D related actions in the annual Operational Plan.
  • To oversee the programme of Equality Analysis and the implementation arising from them.
  • To advise on any required amendments to policies and strategies in relation to E&D.
  • To drive the progress toward the Partnership retaining and building on E&D specific awards and accreditations.
  • To provide a forum for discussion and exploration of E&D related issues.
  • To establish appropriate sub-groups to address specific pieces of work that may be required.
  • To consult and work with others where appropriate and identify, learn from and celebrate best practice.


The group includes Ongo Homes staff, who represent a range of departments, along with 6 tenant representatives.

Role of Members

Each member of the group is expected to:-

  • Set an example to others by demonstrating a positive approach to E&D.
  • Represent their business area or group and raise issues at the meetings on behalf of their colleagues.
  • Share information with others across the Partnership to help increase knowledge and awareness of others.
  • Recognise and identify Learning and Development needs in respect of E&D across the Partnership and Resident Involvement structures.
  • Participate in meetings and contribute their knowledge and expertise to discussions. This includes representing the company at external meetings to increase knowledge and skills - ie. representation at the Multi-Faith Partnership.
  • Staff members of the group are expected to send a representative from their service area if they are unable to attend meetings themselves.

Coordination of Meetings

Meetings will be coordinated, administered and serviced by the Policy and Perfofrmance Team.


Service Panels

There's a whole host of different panels you can choose to sit on, which look at the array of things we do in North Lincolnshire.

There's things like the Repairs Panel, looking at how we do repairs in peoples' homes, and the Leaseholder Panel, to get feedback from our leaseholders.

We even have a Key News Panel. You receive a Key News magazine twice a year, with digital copies in beween. This group involves residents in developing and deciding upon the content and style of the newsletter. Give us a call to see if there is a Panel for you, tel 01724 279900, or click here to read previous copies.

Time commitment - meetings take place for one and half hours every six months.

Focus & consultation groups

We regularly use focus groups to gather your opinions on a specific area of our services.

These groups meet at least once and include residents and staff. We encourage members to put forward their own views and ideas on the topic under consultation. We have one such group to help develop this very website. Hope you like it.

Time commitment – these meetings are usually held as and when required and would last for a period of two hours.

Ordinary Members

You can apply to become an Ordinary Member of Ongo Homes. If you become an Ordinary Member you'll be able to have a say in major decisions, attend & vote at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other ad hoc general meetings, apply to become a tenant board member of the Ongo Homes Board, and have the option to become involved in our existing Customer Engagement activities.

We expect you to attend and vote at our AGM and any other ad hoc general meetings. If you can't attend, we expect you to send your apologies and a proxy vote instead.


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