Gas servicing and inspections

A word about gas from Neil, our maintenance boss

As your landlord, by law, under the Gas Safety Regulations, we have to make sure your home has a current Gas Safety Certificate and that appliances (such as your boiler) are serviced at least every 12 months.
With 10,000 homes to visit, this is a big job for us, but we take our responsibilities very seriously. Our number one priority is to keep you and your family safe. But the checks we carry out will make your appliances more economical to run too (saving your money).

To make sure we get around everyone well within our 12 month target, we have decided to carry out servicing on your appliances on a 10 month basis. We all hear a lot about health & safety these days but it really is important. If we don't visit you, how do you know your homes' gas appliances, pipe work and flues are safe?

We hope you realise this & happily let us into your home when we need to carry out checks.
Sometimes, people aren't around when we want to call, so we will always talk to you to make an appointment which suits you (even on evenings and weekends). We will also take extra time to help and support anyone who is vulnerable.

But we do take it very seriously if you don't or won't let us in and we will be forced to take action, which is outlined in our access procedure. In the worst case, we could take legal action against you or disconnect your gas supply. But we don't want to do this - so thank you for working with us to keep you and your family safe.


Neil Keay,
Head of Maintenance


Page last updated: 23 December 2015

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