Making alterations

If you want to make alterations or carry out improvements to your home you must get our permission in writing before you start any work. 

We will normally give permission but we may ask for the work to be done in a certain way before you can start.  If we cannot give you permission then we will tell you why not. When we give permission we will tell you if we will take responsibility for carrying out the maintenance of the work once it has been completed.

Please note that:

  • generally only people with assured or assured protected tenancies are eligible to make alterations to their home
  • we will not give permission for alterations if you are in rent arrears or owe us any other monies (e.g. recharges).

We have put together guidance sheets for the most common alteration requests, so before you apply, make sure you read through them.

Small elements of work

If the work is minor, like installing an external tap on a non clad property using a contractor, permission will usually be given immediately after you have applied in writing.

Large elements of work

If you want to carry out larger elements of work, such as additional sockets to existing electrical installation or adding kitchen units to the existing decent homes standard kitchen, please enclose a plan with dimensions of the proposed work with your application. Permission will be given if it is safe and acceptable for the work to be carried out. We must also be satisfied that the work will be carried out to an acceptable standard.

It may also be necessary for you to obtain planning and/or building regulations approval from North Lincolnshire Council. It is your responsibility to establish any requirement for planning permissions and/or building regulations before you apply to us. It is always worth contacting the council first to have an informal chat before starting the application process. For advice on planning permission please contact North Lincolnshire Council on 01724 297420.

Outside work

Aerials and satellite dishes

Some homes are served by communal aerial systems.  If your home has a communal aerial then please check what improvement works we may be planning to the system before you apply for permissions. It is your responsibility to establish any requirement for planning permissions and/or building regulations before you apply to us.

Any aerials will need approval from us prior to installation to any homes, and all aerials will need to be fitted by a qualified installer. The planning regulations specify the size and locations where aerials and dishes are permitted – if you have one put up in breach of these regulations then you may have to move it or take it down. For planning enquiries ring 01724 297420. Once you have planning permission from the council, you must write to us and get our permission as your landlord.

Sheds, greenhouses & garages

If you want to build a garden shed, greenhouse or garage, please supply a plan showing

  • where you want to build it, in relation to the property  
  • its height, length and width of the structure 
  • the type of materials to be used
  • the base and sub base material and depth it will be built on.

Depending on the size you may need planning permission  - contact North Lincolnshire Council on 01724 297420. In the case of garages, you will also need to obtain a licence from the council’s Highways team to create a dropped kerb and cross over a footpath. It is your responsibility to establish any requirement for planning permissions and/or building regulations before you apply to us.. 

Fencing, paving & vehicle hard standing (drives)

Under normal circumstances permission for this work will be given. Make sure to provide a plan showing the area of fencing, paving or hard standing you wish to carry out with relation your home and any neighbouring properties, and include full dimensions and materials you wish to use. Please keep in mind that fencing must follow the boundaries of the land belonging to your home. 

Over the last few years we have invested in improving driveways and wherever possible we have provided you with one. If you haven't been provided with one there will be a specfic reason as to why this hasn't happened.

Buildings to house pets

If you wish to build something to keep your pets in, such as kennels, aviary or pigeon loft, you must obtain our written permission.

Alterations that are not allowed

We have put together a summary guide below which gives you a general idea of the alterations for which we would or would not give permission. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Laminate flooring in flats or maisonettes above ground floor if covered by new tenancy agreements
  • Conservatories
  • Replace full kitchen
  • Extensions
  • Adding coverings to kitchen cupboards/units/doors such as Fablon or re-painting cupboards/units
  • Porches
  • Replace full bathroom / shower
  • Sauna cabins, hot tubs
  • Re-instate existing toilet or install new toilet
  • Car ports
  • Replace double glazed windows and/or external doors / creating a lobby
  • Decking
  • Add or remove walls/ceilings/chimney breast inside a property
  • Ponds / pools
  • Blocking off doors
  • Electric fires installation
  • Structural internal timber (e.g. staircases, joists, floors)
  • Relocating radiators
  • Installing extractor fan / hood
  • Skirting boards /architraves
  • Non standard light fittings

Permissions and approvals

For the following alterations, you will need to complete an application form and you may need advice on permission ad/or building regulations approval from North Lincolnshire Council.

Alteration Planning permission/advice required? Building regulations approval required?
Putting up fences, walls and gates No No
Satellite dishes, TV aerials, radio antenna Yes No
CCTV installation Yes No
Adding or removing cupboards No No
Installing a shower No No
Installing outbuildings for individual properties Yes Yes
Sheds, greenhouses, summer houses vegetable patches, fencing off etc on amenity space Yes Yes
Renew internal doors No No
Renew internal plasterwork No No
Making changes to, or creating internal or external electric supply No Yes
Installing an external tap No No
Removal of brick sheds Yes Yes
Installing hard standing, drive or footpath Yes No
Cat flap No No
Installing a vent for a tumble dryer No No

Damage and insurance

If any damage is caused to your home or nearby homes as a result of any work you do, it must be put right at your expense. If you employ a contractor make sure they have adequate insurance to cover any problems that may occur. Failure to remedy any damage could result in us carrying out the repairs with a full recharge 


If any work you carry out is not to a satisfactory standard you may have to reinstate your home to its original condition.  If necessary, this work will be carried out by Ongo Homes and you will be charged.

When you end your tenancy and move out

It is your responsibility to make sure that your home is left in good condition ready to be let to the next tenant. If it is not you may be charged the costs of putting it right.

In most cases improvements you have made form part of the fixtures and fittings to your home and should be left in good condition when you leave. If you have added fixtures, such as extra kitchen units, then these always become the property of Ongo Homes and you must not remove them when you leave.  Other alterations, such as removed walls, can be left provided they are sound and of an acceptable standard.

If you do wish to remove any improvements you have made when you leave you must get our permission. If you fail to do so and we have to carry out any repairs to put things right, you may be charged.

Compensation for improvements

You may be entitled to receive compensation for improvements that you have made to your home. This only applies at the end of your tenancy and it depends on the type of improvement and how long ago it was carried out.


Page last updated: 30 August 2016

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