Repair appointments

When you’ve got in touch with us to report your repair we will sort out an appointment that suits you. You can book a morning appointment (8am till 1pm) or one for the afternoon (12pm till 5pm). Find out how to report a repair here.

Please reminder that from the 1st May 2017 the priority for no heat / hot water will change from a same day appointment to a standard appointment, this will stay as a standard appointment until the 1st October, when it will revert back to a same day appointment for the winter months.

If you book in for a repair but then need to change your time slot or date it you can do that really easily.

Our different appointment types

Same day
These are emergency repairs and it is really important we get these fixed for you straight away.

Next day
These repairs are still urgent and it is important we get them done as quick as possible, but they’re not an immediate risk to you or your home.

  • Partial loss of electricity
  • Partial loss of gas supply
  • Partial loss of heating or hot water (1 October to 30 April)
  • Partial loss of water supply
  • Faulty staircase or corridor lighting in blocks of flats or sheltered accommodation
  • Trip hazards, falling tiles or collapsing ceilings
  • Faulty shower (when you don’t have any other way of bathing)
  • Blocked or leaking sewer, soil stack or toilet

By later appointment
These repairs will be fixed by making an appointment at a time that suits you and us. So just give us a call and we can sort an appointment with you.

  • Total or partial loss of heating and hot water (1 May to 30 September)
  • Loose or detached banister or handrail
  • Broken floorboards or stairwells
  • Blocked sink, bath or basin
  • Leaking water or heating pipe, tank, cistern or toilet – Where leak can be controlled by isolation or other means.
  • Tap which can’t be turned on or off
  • Holes in a roof where rain is coming in or roof tiles have come off in a storm
  • Overflows running
  • Electrical fittings not working but not causing a danger to you or your family
  • Door entry phone not working
  • Glass in windows and doors (after being made safe as an emergency repair)
  • Dripping taps
  • Broken chimney pots
  • Collapsed ceiling
  • Replacement of cracked wash hand basins or toilets that are not leaking
  • Repairs to gutters and rainwater pipes
  • Internal or external doors needing re-hanging
  • Weather boards
  • Easing windows
  • Kitchen units that need repairing
  • Floors that need repairing
  • Electric fires that need replacing
  • Replacement of parts to solid fuel fire
  • Renew /fix skirting boards
  • Electrical fan in kitchen or bathroom not working
  • Reseal around bath or shower

When we visit you

All of us have ID badges that we will have for you to see when we visit you to carry out a repair. The badges have our full name, photo and our company contact info for in case you’d like to check that the person visiting you is who they say they are. We will always clear up after ourselves and make sure we protect your home from dust, paint or building materials so no mess is left after we’ve done our job.

Changing or cancelling your appointments

If you need to cancel your appointment completely or just change the time or date you can give us a call on 01724 279900 to let us know. Try and let us know as soon as possible so we can give someone else your repair slot that you no longer need. If you don’t cancel or re-arrange your appointment and we attend but can’t gain access, we may apply a recharge of £30.60.

It hardly ever happens, but if we can’t keep to the appointment we arranged with you, we will get in touch as soon as we know this. We will sort out a new appointment with you.

Page last updated: 31 March 2017


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