Who is responsible for repairs?

The simple answer to this is both you and us are responsible for the repairs to your home. You can read more about this in your Tenancy Agreement but below explains who is responsible for what.

Things we’re responsible for

  • Making sure all internal and external structures are kept in good condition. This includes things like drains, walls, floors, ceilings, chimneys and pathways.
  • Making sure anything we install such as sinks, baths, toilets, water pipes, electrical wiring, fireplaces and boilers are all kept in good condition.

Things you’re responsible for

  • Unblocking waste pipes and drain gullies.
  • Filling in minor cracks in your plaster.
  • Replacing fixtures and fittings which include door numbers, toilet seats and plugs for baths and sinks.
  • Replacing light bulbs, fuses and batteries.
  • Maintaining all outdoor buildings such as sheds and greenhouses.
  • Anything damaged by accident or on purpose by you, friends, family and visitors to your home is your responsibility to fix.

Need help with repairs that are your responsibility?

There are some handy videos on our web site that show you how to carry out some basic repairs.
If you are struggling to undertake the work yourself, there are other places that can help. Check out:

  • Ongo Handyman service - 10.00 per hour, call 01724 279900
  • Age Concern for older tenants - £15.00 per hour, call 01652 636208.

Exact handyperson services differ from place to place, the sorts of jobs they can usually help with are:

  • small repairs: putting up curtain rails, shelves and pictures 
  • safety measures: fitting smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and grab rails
  • home security: door and window locks, door chains and door viewers 
  • energy efficiency checks: installing draught excluders, radiator heat reflectors and energy efficient light bulbs.

Charges for repairs

Sometimes we may apply a charge for carrying out repairs in your home. We will always tell you if this is the case when you contact us to report the repair. In general, we may apply a recharge if something is broken, damaged or missing as a result of something you have done or not done.

Page last updated: 22 February 2016


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