A look back at 2012 to 2013

We've been very busy this year investing in local communities, building over 50 new homes & improving neighbourhoods across North Lincolnshire. It's great to see 90% of tenants are happy with services. In this section of the website you will find all the information you need about our performance, plus how rental income has been spent & and what our balance sheet looked like at the end of the financial year in March 2013.

Here's a short video that will give you some of the highlights of the past year.

2012 to 2013 in numbers

  • 90% of tenants asked said they were satisfied with our services
  • 96% of tenants asked said our staff were friendly
  • 87% of tenants asked said we listen & act
  • 692 complaints were received
  • 97% of complaints were resolved in 10 days or to agreed timescales
  • £1.8million was spent getting empty homes ready to let
  • £338,000 savings were made
  • 51 new homes were built
  • £4.09million was spent on 32,000 repairs
  • 94,000 telephone calls were received
  • 9 out of 10 of all calls were answered in 10 seconds
  • 3,725 reports of anti-social behaviour were made
  • 76% of asb complainants said they were happy with the outcome of their complaint

how we've been building & improving homes

our home improvements

We’ve been very busy building new homes, making older ones environmentally friendly, fitting new kitchens, bathrooms and windows and generally improving the neighbourhoods you live in.

We’ve put new kitchens, bathrooms and wiring into older peoples’ homes in our sheltered schemes in Broughton, Barton, Bottesford, Brigg and two in Scunthorpe. And their communal lounges got a spruce up too, with new furniture, decorations, lighting and lifts.

A further £600,000 was also spent on the lounges at sheltered schemes in Barrow, Goxhill, Scunthorpe, Epworth, Keadby and Haxey.

We’ve also been finishing off our home improvement programme, with a further 400 homes getting new kitchens and bathrooms, at a cost of £1.7m, and 410 homes received new heating systems.

Our biggest project to date has been the transformation of Market Hill in Scunthorpe. In three years, we’ve spent £3.5m on this massive regeneration. The final £1.2m part of the project was spent in the last 12 months on improving the outside spaces.

  • £1.77m spent on kitchens and bathrooms
  • £1.37m spent on home heating
  • £3.5m spent on Market Hill over three years (£1m last year alone)
  • £1.9m spent on sheltered homes

building homes for the future

In the last 12 months, we’ve spent just over £3m building 51 new homes in South Killingholme and Crowle.

We’ve also provided 277 homes in Crosby with money-saving solar panels at a cost of £1m – half of which came from external grants.

This year we have big plans to build even more homes and have already started work building 10 new homes in Epworth and 23 in Winterton. Our next project to build 20 new homes in Scunthorpe is due to start in 2014.

We also have building plans earmarked Ulceby, Haxey and some more in South Killingholme.

Plus we are well on the way with further redevelopment work at our sheltered homes in Wold Court, in Wrawby – at a cost of £1.2m. This work is due to be finished in January 2014.

how we've been looking after your neighbourhood

looking after your neighbourhood

As well as helping you look after your home, we look after your local community too.

Last year we carried out a series of neighbourhood walks, inviting tenants along to tell us where problem areas are. This included incidents of fly-tipping and vandalism.

This has helped us, and our Tenancy Enforcement Team, address any issues with anti-social behaviour and work better, in partnership with others.

Any tenant who is a victim of ASB, hate crime and nuisance, gets a dedicated officer to work with to resolve the problem.

In the last 12 months we received 3,725 separate reports of anti-social behaviour.

We fixed all damage which resulted from harassment cases within our seven day target. When the damage affected someone’s safety we fixed it in 24 hours.

The investigation of 67% of all ASB reports was started within five days which falls short of our 80% target and something we need to get better at.

We also need to improve our response to  reports of racial or hate incidents. In the last 12 months we responded to 96% of such report within 24 hours, but we aim for 100%.

Also last year, we issued 42 notices seeking possession and evicted six households for committing anti-social behaviour. Five people signed out acceptable behaviour contracts & we fitted 38 CCTV cameras

working with the police

We’ve teamed up with Humberside Police & have a dedicated officer who works with us one day every week to target anti-social behaviour. Through our Nobble a Nuisance & Eyes Wide Shut campaigns we are starting to have an impact in our neighbourhoods.

how we've learned from your feedback

listening to what you tell us

There are lots of ways we have learned from the feedback you have given us.

Over the last year we received 692 complaints. Of these, 249 were informal and 422 were classed as Stage 1, which means they are handled internally by a manager.

Of all the complaints we received, 60% were upheld or partially upheld.

We try our best to learn from the complaints we get. For example, we are making improvements to the boilers at Market Hill, in Scunthorpe, because of a complaint we received.

And we’ve taken on a new staff member to keep a check on our grass cutting and maintenance work after some of your reported concerns.

tenants scrutinising our services

Two new members joined our Resident Scrutiny Panel. Welcome tenants Yvonne Houston & Harry Mortimer who join Tony Sanderson and Vicky Fernandez on the panel which reviews  our services.

Our Resident Scrutiny Panel carried out two major reviews last year.

They looked at how we’re keeping you informed & how we provide aids and adaptations in homes where people need extra help to live independently.

The findings of the panel have been fed into improvements we have made in these services.

Firstly, all our staff have had to go through Customer Excellence Training and we’ve increased the number of surveys we do to get more up to date customer feedback. This is as a direct result of the scrutiny panel reviews.

In our adaptations service, we’ve introduced more recycling of old equipment which is helping save money and from September 2013 our inhouse Handyvan service will be taking on more of the minor adaptations work, again saving us money.

how we've handled your calls

You called us 94,000 times in 2012/13, and we answered 9 out of 10 calls within our ten second target.

Our call back service, introduced after feedback from you, was used a staggering 11,500 times and 98% of those using the service were called back within our 30 minute promise.

But you are looking for new ways to contact us. Nearly 3,000 people now follow our news via facebook and Twitter.

how we've given back to local communities

Our promise is that everything we do is put back into local communities.

We do this in lots of ways, through training and apprenticeship schemes, and supporting local community groups. We work with 23 Resident Associations to give local people a voice in their area.

And, our Resident Involvement Team has run a series of fun events to promote the work we do and encourage even more tenants to get involved in our many working groups.

Since 2011 we have handed out £103,000 in grants to help people in North Lincolnshire run sports clubs, youth projects, outdoor activities and arts & drama groups.

Plus, our Support Team runs a raft of events for older people, including computer clubs, exercise groups, movie nights, tea dances, jumble sales and craft fairs – all to raise money for sheltered homes and local charities.

awards we (and you) have won

We were delighted earlier this year when our Choose to Reuse furniture recycling store picked up a North Lincolnshire Business Award.

We were also recognised for our contribution to community relations.

For the second year in a row, we made the Top 100 Best Companies list in the Sunday Times following feedback from our staff.

We’ve also picked up an RSPCA award for our pet policy, won a silver award for our commitment to health & wellbeing and were recognised by the Chief Constable of Humberside Police in his ‘Developing Performance Through Partnership Working Awards’ for our work in reducing anti-social behaviour in Westcliff, Scunthorpe.

Our tenants have been winning too.

Every year we present awards to volunteers and groups which we believe make a difference in their communities.

Congratulations to Ron Hurrell, of Barrow, who was voted our Volunteer of the Year, and South Killingholme Residents Association, chaired by Ron Weller, which scooped Group of the Year.

Thanks for all your hard work in our communities.

how your rent was spent

On average you pay £76.50 a week to live in one of our homes - for some homes it will be more, for some slightly less. We thought you'd like to know how we spend your rent.

  • Repairs and maintenance:  £17.05
  • Management & general overheads:  £11.41
  • Housing management:  £9.67
  • Tenancy support:  £1.58
  • Investment programme:  £9.08
  • Depreciation of investment properies:  £10.01
  • Interest:  £5.88
  • Surplus to fund future investment:  £11.82

TOTAL:  £76.50


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