Value for money

Our approach to getting most from our money

We have a Value for Money Strategy which sets out how we can be sure our business is run in an economical, efficient and effective way.  

It is our aim is to have the highest level of customer satisfaction but at below average costs.  

Our Board sets our strategy, and makes sure we deliver it.

However, we all have a role to play - this includes all our staff and our tenants too.

We know we are on track when we lower costs (making an economy) and yet still provide services that work (providing efficiency), that tenants are happy with (delivering effectiveness) and that give us something in return for our investment (giving value).

Every year, we report on how we've achieved value for money in our annual Value for Money Statement, which we also send to the Government's Homes and Communities Agency. We also publish our full company accounts in September each year.

Each year we publish our Value For Money Statement, to see it click here.



Page last updated: 07 December 2016

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