Caretaking FAQs

What do caretakers do?

Our caretakers work for you making sure the areas around your home are kept clean and tidy by removing graffiti, litter picking, looking after communal entrances and maintaining your car parks. They work on a fortnightly rota and check all blocks of flats which have an internal stairs and landing every two weeks where they identify fly-tipping and remove it, check for any faults or hazards, remove hazardous items and clean the internal stairs, windows and landings.

Who is my caretaker?

Our team is made up of 10 caretakers and 3 cleaners who work across the whole of North Lincolnshire. They are a friendly bunch so feel free to say hello and ask them any questions you may have.  If you would like the chance to meet your caretaker you can always request he pops to see you when he is next in the area.

How are you linked to the council?

In 2007, Ongo Homes housing association broke away from North Lincolnshire Council. All our caretakers and cleaners are employed by Ongo Homes. While we still do work in partnership with the council, we are our own organisation.

When does my grass get cut?

Ongo Homes employs a company called Ground Control Ltd to maintain our amenity and open spaced areas. Between March to October they litter pick and then cut the grass every 11 working days. Due to the nature of the work it is inevitable that on some occasions bad weather or poor land conditions and unforeseen circumstances will mean a delay in the programmed dates but Ground Control will aim to catch up with the programme as soon as this is possible. The grass at our sheltered housing schemes is cut by my Grounds Maintenance Team and not Ground Control.

Who are the people we often see working with the caretakers?

We often have volunteers from Crosby Employment, part of ongo who join an 8 week programme to enhance their skills and gain experience to hopefully help them gain employment. You may see them working alongside our caretakers to improve your estates. Our caretakers are responsible for supervising community payback workers.

How can I dispose of my old settee?

If the settee is in good condition you can contact Choose to Reuse on 01724 279900 and they will come collect items free of charge and sell them second hand to other customers (please note terms and conditions apply so it is best to speak to them beforehand)

If the settee is not in good condition you can use North Lincolnshire Council’s free bulky collection, where you have a free collection every financial year (April – March) for up to 3 items. If you have already used this, they charge £15.50 for all future collections of up to 3 items again.

Who do I ask for a new bin?

Bins are supplied by North Lincolnshire Council so you will need to contact them on 01724 297000, via their website or email

Who will cut back the hedge that is overgrown in the communal area around my home?

Ground Control Ltd cut back sided hedges and shrubs from June to August. From November to March the team cut the hedges in November and February and clear leaves on two occasions, once in November and once in January. Please note that hedges that belong to your property are your responsibility and Ground Control will not be able to cut these for you.

Who can help me with gardening as I am unable to do this for myself?

If there are jobs that you struggle to do in and around your home there is a handy van service available which offers an affordable odd jobs, decorating and gardening service for Ongo Homes tenants. They can help with jobs such as fitting locks to windows and doors, minor decorating jobs and garden work. To book an appointment or for more information you can contact Andrew McFadden on 01724 279900.

Who empties my contaminated bin now the bin men are refusing to?

All residents are responsible for their own bins, if these are contaminated it will be your responsibility to clear them. If you need more information on recycling to avoid your bin being refused, you can visit North Lincolnshire Council website at or request a leaflet be sent to you with all the information.


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