Door locks

Out to you in under an one hour, No callout fee and available 24/7 

You'd be surprised how often people get locked out of their home. This could be because you've lost your keys, have broken your key in the lock, or the lock has been vandalised. (we do not do car locks)

We can help you by

  • picking the lock,
  • removing a broken or snapped key from your lock,
  • fixing a broken lock,
  • drilling out the lock, or,
  • changing the lock all together.

We'll come out to you within the hour of you making the call, won't charge a callout fee and are available 24/7.

for a free, no obligation quote to get you back in your home.

Just recently moved home?

Exciting times - you've just been given the keys from the estate agent and are starting to move your prized possessions in. The last thing on your mind is probably home security. But just take a moment to think who else might have a copy of those keys. How would you feel if a stranger came into your home, simply by using a copied key? There would be no broken windows or forced entry – so no real warning.

Many insurance companies will not pay out in cases where a key has been used to gain entry to your home and items have been stolen or damaged by burglars. That’s why you should talk to us about changing your locks. This is a planned service that we can do for you, and we will change as many locks as you need. 

 for a free, no obligation quote to keep strangers out.

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Page last updated: 30 January 2017