Emergency Services

Out to you in under an one hour, NO callout fee and available 24/7

Locksmith picking a lock with both handsWe're here for you when something goes wrong. Here are some of the emergency services we offer. Don't forget, you can take advantage of our planned services to help prevent burglaries or broken locks in the first place. (we do not do car locks)

Been burgled?

Getting your home broken into can be one of the worst things to experience. It can make you feel violated, hurt and afraid of future break-ins. That's why we offer an emergency locksmith service to you. This emergency service aims to make you feel safer and get your home secured as quickly as possible. We can make you feel safe again with the following services:

  • Boarding up service, where we board up your home to stop people entering it after break-in damage.
  • Lock repair, depending on how much damage has been caused by the burglar.
  • Lock replacement, for future peace of mind. Often, keys are taken by burglars to commit future crimes in or around your home.

We'll come out to you within the hour of you making the call, won't charge a callout fee and are available 24/7.

for a free, no obligation quote to make your home safe & secure so you can get your life back to normal.

Further questions?

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Page last updated: 17 January 2017