Dementia action

In 2012, 901 people were diagnosed with dementia in North Lincolnshire . It was estimated that a further 1,270 were living undiagnosed with the condition in the same year. By 2021, it's predicted that there will be nearly 3,000 people living with the condition in the county.

That's why we've taken the step to work closely with the Alzheimer's Society to become a local member of the North Lincolnshire Dementia Action Alliance.

What does this mean?

In a nutshell, we've become more dementia-friendly. Some of our staff has been specifically trained to work with and support people with dementia and their carers. We've also commited to an action plan to ensure that we can challenge not just ourselves, but others we work with such as GPs, our local authority and other services to do they best they can to support those affected.

As part of this commitment, we've had to take a look at the challenges we face to deliver this action plan. You can read more about the plan and the challenges we face over at the Dementia Action website.

what will we do?

We want to improve dementia awareness of our workforce, our customers and support those affected by dementia by:

  • delivering high quality promotional events & literature to our staff and customers at large to raise awarenes
  • providing good quality dementia awareness training to all front line members of staff
  • deliver dementia awareness workshops to back office staff, recognised resident associations and our tenant umbrella group, Community Voice.
  • supporting our customers, their families and friends, by signposting them to agencies that can provide them with information & support
  • actively participating in case conferences to ensure our customers are fully supported.

I'm worried about someone with dementia, what can I do?

Nothing is more worrying or distressing than when a loved one or friend goes missing or doesn’t return home when expected. For people living with or caring for someone with Dementia, this may be quite common. The Herbert Protocol is a national scheme adopted by Humberside Police and other police services across the country. It encourages carers, families, friends or neighbours, to hold information about the person with Dementia that can help the police find them if they do go missing.

The basis of the scheme is for vital information about the person such as medication, description, photograph, significant places in the person’s life and their daily routine, to be recorded on a form. The form can be downloaded or printed from the Humberside Police website or pick one up from your local police station. The police will only ask for the form, or the information in the form, if the person is reported missing.

Where can I meet others affected by dementia?

Absolutely, you'll no doubt be pleased to know that there are different places across the county where you can drop in 

The Dementia Adviser Service is probably one of your first ports of call but there are Dementia Cafés, Dementia Friends groups and many more services of interest. To find out the latest information, you're best checking out the local section of the Alzheimer's Society website.

How can I find out more?

You can contact us via the usual ways - just ask for the Tenancy Support team.

If you want to learn mroe about the North Lincolnshire Dementia Action Alliance itself, then please contact:

Emily Cross or Margaret Harrod
Alzheimer's Society
Suite 21
Queensway Business Centre
Dunlop Way
North Lincolnshire
DN16 3RN

01724 848594