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Make a difference

How your involvement can make a difference

Getting involved can be very rewarding, and participating is a great way for individuals to share their views.

It can bring a sense of achievement by having a say, learn new skills and increase your knowledge. Meet other people who all have similar interests in their homes and communities.

We’ve provided comments below from volunteers to give you some idea about how their involvement helps to make a difference.

“I have more of an understanding about how Ongo Homes is run, the challenges they face and the goals they set to overcome them.”

“I am able to go on courses and attend conferences which teaches me new things to make things better for fellow tenants.”

“I am able to voice tenant’s thoughts and concerns and be involved in shaping Ongo Homes’ services; it helps to keep the brain working!”

“The mix of younger and older generations, the learning from each other, the friends you make along the way – it’s inspiring. It’s also the feeling part of making a difference, and the satisfaction of improving not just yours but other tenants’ lives.”

“Getting involved has changed everything. My communication and people skills have improved, it’s really helped me in terms of my mental health, and it’s had such a positive impact on my self-confidence too.”

“My whole outlook on life has changed. To have the opportunity to help out and to make a difference has given me so many proud moments.”

Have your say

It's important you help us improve what we do because it makes life better for you. We use a variety of digital, telephone and written surveys to get your views about issues that affect our customers. Comments from these are used to help improve and develop our services.

There are no surveys currently available at the moment. We will be inviting you to contribute your thoughts and ideas when surveys are available.