Did you know about Ongo Talk?

Did you know about Ongo Talk? Image

We’ve launched an exciting new service to benefit local people and the wider North Lincolnshire community.

Ongo Talk is a counselling and life coaching service for people who wish to improve their mental health, emotional well-being to create a brighter future for themselves.

Our service, delivered by a team of skilled and qualified staff, is there to help people who have a range of mental health and psychological issues to develop their confidence and skills and enable them to move towards improving their circumstances. 

Maryanne Fitzgerald, our Next Level Manager said: “Ongo Talk is a fantastic opportunity for people to seek personalised help for themselves.

“We can offer services that improve an individual’s wellbeing; such as mental health, physical health, housing, poverty, debt, education, training and employment.”

Since the launch, of the project Ongo Talk has supported 81 local people where, after assessment, have been offered the appropriate mental health service.

One of our clients has said “I feel the support from the Ongo Talk Team has been invaluable, they have made me feel more able to move my life on in a more positive way.”

Some training we have available;

  • MindWorks – a half day strengthening emotional resilience and personal well-being course,
  • Mindful Destinations – a one day positive mental health and well-being course, and a more in depth three day course
  • New Directions a well-being programme (for adults)

If you think that you or anyone else could benefit from this service, please get in touch with the team by calling 01724 844848