Our response to Coronavirus

Our response to Coronavirus Image

We wanted to share some information with all our tenants and customers to offer reassurance about what we’re doing to minimise any risk for our staff and customers with regards to Coronavirus.

At the moment, we’re carrying on ‘business as usual’ which is the advice from the Government. Of course we are reviewing this daily and will follow any guidance from the Government as it is shared.

This means you can expect all our services to continue to the same standard and same timescales.

The only change you will notice to our services is that if you call to book a repair or home visit, you will be asked an additional question before an appointment is booked in. We may also call you before pre-booked appointments. The question is:

  1. Have you or anyone in your household been abroad to any of the areas the Government is stating a ‘high risk’ zone in the last 14 days? – info on high risk areas here.

If you answer YES to this question, we will ask for you to call 111 and follow their advice on self-isolation. We will then ask you to call us back once this isolation period is over. This is in line with Government advice. There is also a tool on the NHS website where you can seek advice. Click here to visit the website.

Please be reassured that this is a precautionary measure and we’re following Government advice. At the moment we are business as usual unless anyone answers YES to the above question. We will be monitoring this daily and following guidance from the Government.