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Coronavirus repairs

On this page you will find all our most up to date information regarding our repairs and maintenance service. As things change we will update this web page, so please check back for the latest info.

14 January

Emergency repair appointments only

From 12noon on Wednesday 5 January we will only be offering emergency repair appointments. Click here to check what an emergency repair is

We’ve got limited resources within our Maintenance team at the moment and need to prioritise our emergency appointments. We will be reviewing this on 25 January so check back then for the latest update on our repairs service.

We’re asking that when booking a repair, you consider first if it is an emergency and cannot wait, before contacting us.  

The rate of Covid-19 transmission has risen, and we need to prioritise the most urgent, emergency repairs. To do this, we need your help. If you have a repair that it isn’t an emergency, please wait until we open up our repairs and maintenance service fully before contacting us to book it in.

We will be reviewing the changes to our service on 25 January and will update you on the 26 January so please check back on the website then.

If you already have an appointment booked in with us, we will contact you if we need to rearrange. If you do not hear from us, then your appointment will be going ahead as planned. You don’t need to contact us to check.

We understand this is frustrating and we’re hoping this is a short term solution, and as soon as we can offer our full service again we will do.

We thank you for your patience and understanding. Please see below our repairs FAQ'S.

  • Are you still doing non-essential repairs?

    Although we are continuing this work, to protect your family and our colleagues we’re asking that when booking a repair, you consider first if it is an emergency and cannot wait, before contacting us.  

    The rate of Covid-19 transmission has risen, which is why we want to reduce our non-essential repairs, so that we can prioritise those most urgent, and for those most in need. But to do this, we need your help.

    The correct measures and precautions remain in place when visiting your home to make sure we keep everyone safe, as this is our number one priority. However, we’d like to please ask that you also take precautions by considering if your repair is time critical.

  • I’ve got an emergency repair but I’m isolating due to Covid. Will you still be doing it?

    No. We will ask you to call back once your self-isolation period is over to rebook your appointment if you show no symptoms at the end of this period.

  • Is it safe for repairs staff to visit my home still?

    We’re closely following government advice, which currently states that repairs can be carried out, as long as precautions are taken. 

 If you would like to see all our FAQ's, please click here.