You can report a repair online using My Home or on the phone at 01724 279900.

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Out of hours?

We provide a 24-hour emergency service. Our out of hours provider handles our calls between the hours of 5pm to 8am Monday to Thursday and then from 5pm Friday until Monday 8am.

During these hours we only take emergency repairs.


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What is an emergency repair?

Emergency repairs are defects or faults that put your health, safety or security at immediate risk or that cause harm to the structure of the property. Emergency repairs will be attended to as soon as possible and within 24 hours in any event.
Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Total loss of electricity or water supply
  • Total or partial loss of hot water
  • Total or partial loss of heating in the winter (October – March)
  • A water leak that cannot be contained
  • Insecure window, external door or external lock
  • Fire damage / flooding
  • Dangerous structures – such as access paths and paving, chimneys or loose roof tiles, ceilings, staircases
  • Make safe loose or detached banister or handrail for stairs
  • Complete loss of lighting in communal areas
  • Unsafe electrical lighting or other fittings.

The primary objective of attending an emergency is to make it safe. A full repair will be carried out wherever practicable, however, it may be necessary and acceptable to return at a later date to complete a full repair. A further job and appointment would be made and would be prioritised accordingly if this happened.

I’ve had an out of hours appointment, what happens next?

If you’ve had an out of hours appointment, our staff will review the feedback from the job and book in the relevant works or order the parts that are required within one working day. You will receive text messages confirming each stage including the order status of the parts required for your repair and when it is ready for the follow on works.

What are our responsibilities as a landlord?

Most simple repairs can be carried out when the next appointment slot is available, but more complex repairs need planning and are based on an annual schedule, and you will be contacted before any work is due to be carried out. As your landlord, we are responsible for repairs to:

  • The roof, external walls and doors
  • Window frames including catches and window sills (but not glass, unless the damage is due to our own failure to keep the property in good condition)
  • Chimneys, chimney stacks and flues
  • Access to your home such as paths and steps
  • Garage, sheds and outbuildings that have been constructed by us
  • Drains, gutters and external pipes
  • Internal walls (but not minor plaster cracks, unless these were caused by our own failure to keep the property bin good condition)
  • Floors and ceilings (not including floor coverings such as carpets, laminate flooring)
  • Doors including frames and hinges
  • Skirting boards.
  • Kitchen and bathroom fittings (including basins, sinks, toilets, baths and pipes but not cookers or other white goods such as fridges)
  • Electric wiring including sockets and switches
  • Gas and water pipes
  • Heating and water equipment
  • Fitted fires and fireplaces installed by us
  • Smoke detectors that are hard wired and installed by us
  • Communal doors
  • Stairways, hallways, landings and passageways
  • Lifts
  • Rubbish chutes
  • Drying areas
  • Lighting
  • Communal gardens
  • Parking areas provided by us

What are you, the tenant responsible for?

  • Repairing damage caused by you, your family, pets or visitors to your home
  • Glass in window panes and doors
  • Door numbers
  • Sink and bath plugs and chains
  • Toilet seats
  • Filling any minor plaster cracks or holes
  • Fire grates and ash pans
  • Light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters
  • Fuses and batteries for your smoke alarm
  • Refuse bins and recycling boxes
  • Fences and gates not erected by use
  • Sweep chimneys where required
  • Unblock waste pipes and drain gullies (except where the blockage occurs outside of your control)
  • Electrical plugs to your own appliances
  • Any sheds, garages, outbuildings which have not been constructed by us
  • Any pathway, patio, paved area or hard standing that we have not installed
  • Any water butts, compost bins or rotary dryers where provided and any other gifted items
  • The cost and replacement of damaged, lost or stolen keys and door entry fobs
  • The use equipment in your home to ventilate the property such as extractor fans and trickle vents in your windows.

There may be times when it is essential for us to access your home to carry out inspections or emergency repairs. We will give you notice of this, but it is a condition of your tenancy that you give us access and we can take legal action to enforce this, if necessary.

Helping us to help you

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Getting it right first time

You can help us to get your repair right first time by providing as much information as possible when booking your repair. This should include the location of the repair, the issue highlighted and the impact this is having.

Please ensure the area around the repair is clear and ready for our engineers to be able to work efficiently and effectively, leaving you free to get on with your day.

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Need extra time to open the door?

Do you need extra time to open the door? No problem, just let our advisors know, or add this to the description when reporting the repair using the My Home app.

Our engineers will be happy to wait while you’re able to let them in.

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Not happy with your repair?

At Ongo we aim to complete your repair right first time. If you have found this not to be the case, please let us know and we can help to put things right.

Please contact us 01724 279900 to discuss this with our Customer Experience team. It would help our advisors if you have the job number at hand, however we can still help if you don’t have this information available.

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How to rebook/reschedule a repair

We know how busy life can be, we have a million things to manage and sometimes you need to rearrange your appointment. There is no charge for rearranging an appointment and you could potentially be helping another tenant get an earlier appointment.

However should we attend and are unable to carry out the repair due to nobody being at home, we could apply a recharge of £30.60 to your account.

To reschedule using My Home please go to ‘view and track my repairs’. If you would prefer to call us, please call 01724 279900.

Our friends at Hales & Coultas Heating and Plumbing have put together some short videos to help you with some issues you might face.

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Grounds maintenance

Our grounds maintenance service covers all Ongo owned land in North Lincolnshire. The contract is delivered by two providers: one looks after the grounds around the retirement living homes and the other one looks after other land owned by Ongo.

Grounds maintenance