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Mental health support (Leo)

Please let us introduce you to Leo. This is our free mental health support which aims to help you by providing opportunities into employment, training and/or education.

Type of Support

This is mental health support but with a difference. That's because our aim is not just to help with your mental wellbeing, but also to help you in your professional life as well as your personal life.

Research shows that you are much more likely to suffer from poor mental health if you are unemployed and/or out of education. This is where Leo comes to help you :)

As part of our free service, you can get access to:

  • 1:1 counselling
  • Mental health and employment coaching
  • Well-being calls
  • Confidence-building sessions
  • Social activities(group walks, days out, etc.)
  • Guidance with job searching and training
  • Support with writing your CV and then interview skills
  • Volunteer opportunities and work experience

To find out more, let us know your number and we can have a chat about this support:

How It's  Helped Others


Laneen is somebody who has received one-to-one personalised help to increase her confidence, volunteering opportunities (at a Cafe) and has let us help her to gain a range of qualifications which boosted her skills.

She said: “The support has helped to give me so much. I’m very grateful for what Kim (Project Co-ordinator) has done – she’s given me the time, listened to me, been there when I’ve needed help, and has put the steps in place to make sure I get what I want from the support.

“I don’t think other people, including many employers, understood what I could offer and how much I just want to help others. I’ve applied for over 60 jobs without success, and all I wanted was to be given a chance.

"Every single obstacle I’ve faced in my life so far – whether it be physical (stomach ulcers), learning (cerebral palsy) or emotional (low self-belief) – I’ve risen above and come through for the stronger."


*We have been given permission by this person to share his story, but he would like not to be named, so we will refer to him as Joe:

Over the past few years Joe had undergone an operation for a brain tumour which left some damage to part of his brain, he had started to become very emotional since the operation.

Depression had been fuelled by financial woes from a divorce and unexpected debt caused by his situation. Unable to handle the situation, Joe suffered a breakdown and he walked out, leaving everything he had.

Joe wasn't sure about counselling at the start but knew he had to take some sort of action if he wanted to break out of his depressive cycles. Over his sessions with us, Joe started focusing on his thought processes and pushed himself to start engaging in small social situations.

Joe went from being isolated from the world, to now:

  • Being confident to speak with others
  • Having a positive outlook on life and his future
  • In a new relationship
  • Planning to set up his own business

Next Steps

To find out more about our mental health support (Leo), simply put in your number below, and one of our friendly team will be in touch soon


Our Mental Health projects (LEO) are funded by: