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Upgrade your job

Our Next Level project is here to help you make progression in your career and find a better job than the one you are currently in. You can receive this free support if you are:

  • Employed (Can be full time, part time or zero hour)
  • Above 18 years old

*If you are not eligible for this project but would still like support, please click here for alternative options

Type of support

Are you unhappy with your current work, or just fancy an upgrade? You might come to Next Level for a number of reasons, you might want more hours or job security, you might want a better wage, you might want to move to a new industry or job role.

Whatever the reason for you considering a new job, we're here to help.

The aim of Next Level is to help you develop skills needed secure a better job, and to learn how to identify where these better opportunities are and how to be successful.

How it's helped others

Warwick came to us in May 2017. He previously worked for over 40 years as a Shift Maintenance Supervisor in an engineering work environment. Unfortunately, Warwick lost his job and struggled to regain his status as a supervisor.  As a consequence of his job loss and inability to find similar work, he lost his confidence and struggled to regain suitable employment. 

As a knock on effect, he felt his skills were no longer needed, he found himself suffering in low skilled, underpaid work and lack of job satisfaction. He did manage to secure another job, but he was not happy here and wanted another supervisor role...

Warwick starting receiving help as part of our Next Level project, we gave him regular one to one mentoring support and worked together on the barriers which were preventing him from getting back into a supervisory position.

We created an action plan with Warwick to give him a focus to move forward in his career goal of returning to an engineering supervisory position. He enrolled on the Next level NCFE Team Leading Level 2 qualification and successfully achieved the qualification.  This proved hugely beneficial to refresh his team leading skills.  He also attended our one day training courses to help increase his confidence and self-esteem.

Warwick was soon employed as an Engineering Supervisor at a factory in Scunthorpe afterwards.

Next steps

To take your working life to the Next Level, simply put in your number below, and one of our friendly team will be in touch soon