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Common types of anti-social behaviour

If you are concerned about anti-social behaviour and need help or more information here are some common types:


Alcohol can be related and can often contribute to certain behaviours, it is typically reported under other categories such as, drinking at a party is reported as noise nuisance. 


In our tenancy agreements we specify that permission is required to run a business from one of our properties. Any anti-social behaviour related to running a business from home must have evidence, as an example, this could be a car repair business, causing nuisance by having multiple vehicles at the property and disturbing neighbours. 


Anything that relates to a communal area or space could be:

  • Groups of youths accessing communal entrances
  • Smoking in indoor communal spaces
  • Propping open communal doors
  • Parking on shared green spaces

Condition of property or garden

Neighbours are most likely to be affected directly by the condition of a property and or garden, for example if a neighbouring property has an overgrown garden or a build up of household waste which could cause nasty smells. 


All criminal activity MUST be reported to the police, they can help with a wide range of issues which can include offences such as: 

  • Criminal damage
  • Graffiti 
  • Bypassing gas or electric meters
  • Arson 
  • Handling or storing stolen goods 

If you need to report a non-emergency crime, call 101 or 999 for an emergency. 

If you prefer, you can report online

Humberside Police 

West Yorkshire Police 

Lincolnshire Police 

Nottinghamshire Police 


Misuse of substances can be categorised into different areas, in any circumstance they should be reported to the police. 

  • Substance misuse is the most common reported, typically it is related to personal drug use and it is difficult to deal with, as there are a number of other reasons which could cause smells such as CBT oils, incense burners and even plants. Unless police action is taken this can be a challenge to resolve, however with early intervention this can prove useful. 
  • Drug dealing also needs to be reported to the police, especially when a resident is reporting suspected dealing from an address. Reporting suspicions to the police and or Crimestoppers directly helps us to take action when they have been successfully proven. 

Fly tipping 

It is clearly defined in our tenancy agreements that tenants are responsible for their own rubbish and household waste. Any unwanted items are your responsibility to dispose of correctly. Local authorities have the responsibility in the community for collecting and assisting with bin collections and other items for disposal. When fly tipping has occurred, Ongo is only responsible for our land and green spaces. 


There are two definitions for hate and these NEED to be reported to the police. We are a Hate Crime Reporting Centre where any member of the public can enter our Main Office at Ongo House, Scunthorpe and The Arc, Lichfield Avenue to report incidents via the True Vision Website at Support and advice can also been found on this website.

Hate Incident

Is any incident which could be considered as a criminal offence, is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate, for example:

  • Harassment
  • Threats of violence (racially, religiously aggravated)
  • Assault
  • Criminal damage

Hate Crime

Can be any incident deemed a criminal offence committed against a person or property that is motivated by hostility based on the following protected characteristics:

  • Disability
  • Race
  • Religious beliefs
  • Sexual orientation
  • Transgender


If you need more information around reporting a noise nuisance, you will be advised to document at least a weeks' worth of information which can be submitted as evidence to Environmental Health. We will direct you to the following websites depending on your location to your local council, which will be the start of your report, which helps us to proceed with any formal tenancy action. 

North Lincolnshire Council 

Doncaster Council 

Bassetlaw District Council 

City of Lincoln Council 

West Lindsey Council 

Pet Nuisance 

Animal related incidents could include dangerous dogs, pets generally can contribute to other types of anti-social behaviour such as dogs barking, which would be reported as noise nuisance. 


Physical assaults should be reported rather than the threat of an assault. This MUST be reported to the Police. Threats of assault are classed as verbal abuse, harassment and threatening behaviour.

Verbal Abuse, Harassment and Threatening Behaviour

Recording incidents of verbal abuse, harassment and threatening behaviour and should be reported to the police. In these types of cases there can often be contradicting reports and therefore difficult to prove who is at fault. 


When any damage is caused to your property, this could be by yourself as a tenant, another household member or visitor could have caused damage to part of the property. For example kitchen cupboards and internal doors would be reported to us, where as the theft of boiler or pipe work would be classed as criminal damage. We have action plans that can be used to self-resolve issues by repairing or replacing damaged fixtures and fittings. Tenants can also be re-charged for any damage caused.


Vehicles may cause nuisance such as parking, noise nuisance from engines, buying and selling cars or repairing cars at the property. Depending upon the type of problems will depend on what action will be taken.