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Housing policies

Policies set out how we do things here at Ongo Homes. They make sure we are always fair and consistent.

All tenants and staff get the chance to comment on policies before they are agreed because your views really matter to us.

The policies here are all customer related and, after taking on board your comments, they have been approved. We also have other policies on how the organisation is run, which we can provide you if you ask us to.

We will post any new policies on our website in the Get Involved section when we would like to hear from you. Get in touch, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Copies of all our policies are available in larger print, Braille, audio or other languages. Just ask us and we will be happy to help.

  • Managing our homes

    There are a few different types of tenancies that we can grant, depending on the purpose of the home, the needs of the tenant and the suitability of the community. These are outlined in our Tenure Policy.

    • We have two different levels of rent: social and affordable - you'll be told before you take on a tenancy, which rent you'll be charged. If you want to know more you can read our Rent and Service Charge Setting Policy tells you more about how we set rents for our properties and garages.
    • We want to provide an effective, efficient and friendly lettings service and provide customers with homes they want to live in. Our Lettings Policy along with the associated appendices (A, BC) tells you more about how we will do this.
    • We also offer some Rent to Buy homes. Our Policy tells you all about this. 
    • As well as letting our homes, we also have homes which are leased to customers. As a result, we have a Leasehold Management Policy which explains how this process happens and how we maintain leasehold homes. Our Leasehold Service Charge Arrears Policy may also be of interest to leaseholders!
    • We ask contractors to carry out some of the work on our homes and also to build new ones on our behalf. Like our staff, we expect them to act in a certain way so we've created a Contractors Code of Conduct


  • Living in your home

    We believe everyone should feel safe and secure and be able to enjoy their home.

    • The day to day management of your tenancy is defined in our Tenancy Management Policy.
    • If you fall behind with your rent, our Income Policy tells you more about the approach we'll take.
    • Before we allocate our homes, we will bring them up to the approved Lettable Standard
    • Sometimes your home needs repairing - our Maintenance Services Policy sets out how this happens, in a safe environment and in an effective, efficient and cost effect way. Sometimes we may charge you for the cost of the repair if something is broken, damaged or missing - for more info see our Recharge Policy.
    • Legally we have to undertake annual gas checks - our Gas Safety Policy tells you how we'll do this.
    • We have consolidated our legal and other applicable requirements with regards to inspection and testing across our assets into an integrated Inspection & Testing Policy. 
    • Wherever possible we want to do our very best to help keep you living an independent lifestyle in your home. Sometimes you need aids and adaptions to your home to help this happen. This policy explains how we work with our partners to adapt your home to suit your needs.
    • If you want to know the rules around mobility scooters, see our Scooter Policy.
    • If pets are properly looked after, they can be a wonderful addition to your neighbourhood. Our Pet Policy sets out what we expect of pet owners.
    • To make sure your environment is safe, clean and well maintained, we have a Neighbourhood Management Policy and a new Tree Policy for you. We also have our Neighbourhood Standard, which makes clear what you can expect from Ongo Homes in respect of keeping your neighbourhoods clean, safe and secure. 
    • Here's how we can work together to tackle ASB and our Anti-social Behaviour Policy.
  • Customer care
    • We sat down with our customers to agree upon a set of Commitments that set out how you think we should work to meet your needs.
    • Sometimes, in exceptional circumstances, we may need to limit how and when customers can contact us if their behaviour has been unacceptable. For an explanation as to what sort of behaviour this would cover, you can read our Unacceptable Behaviour Policy.
  • Getting involved

    There are many ways you can be involved with Ongo. Our Customer Engagement Framework explains the ways in which Ongo provides opportunities for customers to get involved, and shows the support that customers can expect to receive from us to help make this happen.

    If you want to become a volunteer with us, our Customer Engagement Expenses Policy tells you more about the sort of costs we are able to cover. We also have a Code of Conduct for our volunteers to sign up to detailing the behaviour we expect of our volunteers.

    We can provide financial support to recognised local community groups and resident associations - read our Funding Policy to find out more.