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Mobility Scooter Policy

Some of our tenants may wish to own a mobility scooter, which allows them increased mobility and independence. We aim to accommodate these scooters within our housing stock, whilst maintaining safety standards. It is for this reason that we have introduced a Mobility Scooter Policy.  

Please remember to speak to us before you purchase your mobility scooter, to ensure that you understand your responsibilities. Should you live in Retirement or High Rise housing,  there are other requirements you need to take into account - please read on.

 To find out more, take a look below.

  • Who does the policy apply to?

    This policy does not apply to all of our properties. The policy will only apply to those who live in locations with a lot of communal areas such as some of our Retirement Living Schemes or the high rise tower blocks.

  • Where does the policy apply?

    High Rise Flats at Market Hill:                                            

    • Sutton House, Scunthorpe
    • Princess Hose, Scunthorpe
    • Crosby House, Scunthorpe

    Retirement Living Schemes:

    • Lincoln Court, Scunthorpe
    • Chatterton Crescent, Scunthorpe
    • Broadlands House, Scunthorpe
    • Horsefair Paddock, Brigg
    • Ancholme Gardens, Brigg
    • Wold Court, Wrawby
    • Victoria House, Barton
    • Martin Close, Barrow

    The mobility scooter policy will not apply to:

    • General needs flats and houses
    • Retirement Living Schemes where a mobility scooter store has not been provided

    This policy does not apply to those who live in general needs accommodation. It only affects the locations where a mobility scooter store has been provided. If you have a mobility scooter and live in general needs accommodation you can keep your scooter in your flat but you cannot leave it or charge it in a communal area such as in the corridor or under the stairs at any time. If you are unsure you should contact Ongo Homes before buying your mobility scooter.

  • What does the policy require me to do?

    If there is a designated mobility scooter store where you live you must use it to store your scooter in. You cannot store your scooter in your flat, the communal corridor or under the stairs.

    You must also ensure that:

    • You have the appropriate insurance in place. This should include public liability insurance up to the value of £1million in case of either damage to the building, or injury involving other people who may be living at or visiting the building
    • Your mobility scooter has an annual service to ensure that it is safe to be used
  • Health & safety

    Some mobility scooters are very big, therefore, your mobility scooter must not be over 670mm wide or weigh more than 138kg including the battery. To ensure your continued safety, we will carry out a Portable Appliance Test on your mobility scooter charger every year. If your charger fails this test it will not be returned to you as it is not safe to use.

    Please do not buy a mobility scooter until you have received permission to do so as there may not be space in the designated store. Mobility scooters cannot be used in the communal corridors or lifts at any scheme unless the mobility scooter store has no external doors such as Chatterton Crescent and the high rise tower block at Market Hill. In this instance owners much proceed immediately to the scooter store by using the closest external door to the mobility scooter store. This is to avoid damage to our property or injury to people who live there. If you have limited mobility, you may wish to consider purchasing an electric wheelchair instead of a mobility scooter to help you get around internally.

    It is our aim to protect our tenants, staff and their visitors from harm where it is reasonably practicable to do so. There have been instances of fires caused by mobility scooters.

    This Youtube video demonstrates how quickly a mobility scooter fire can take hold.