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Our group

How we started

Ongo began life as North Lincolnshire Homes, back in 2007.

It was at this time that North Lincolnshire Council asked its tenants to vote on whether they wanted their landlord to stay as the council, or whether they would prefer to set up a new housing association.

They voted for a housing association – and North Lincolnshire Homes was created.

Why was Ongo set up?

In 2012 we contacted our 10,000 tenants again to talk to them about how we wanted to do more to invest in the communities of North Lincolnshire. On hearing our plans, Tenant Ordinary Members voted in favour of us setting up a new group. 

So we set up the partnership of companies, recruited new board members, started to promote the partnership, Ongo was created and North Lincolnshire Homes changed its name to Ongo Homes. This is with the full knowledge and approval of the Homes and Communities Agency, which regulated Ongo Homes as a social housing provider, at that time.

What companies are part of Ongo?

Ongo Partnership is the name of our parent company, but other companies which form part of the group include Ongo Homes, Ongo Communities, Ongo Commercial, Ongo Home Sales, Ongo Developments, Ongo Recruitment, Crosby Brokerage, Hales & Coultas Heating and Plumbing and Ashbridge Roofing.

How is Ongo different?

Ongo is a partnership designed to give something back to communities. Its purpose is to look for new opportunities which will ultimately help the people of North Lincolnshire. All profit made through the partnership is reinvested back into the organisation to help build new homes and invest further in community initiatives.

What does Ongo mean?

Quite simply, the name Ongo was developed from the partnership’s ongoing commitment to reinvesting into homes and communities in North Lincolnshire. 

Its purpose is to create income to reinvest into building new homes for Ongo Homes, and to develop new opportunities for tenants and others, whether it be through training and employment or even healthy living – in fact anything that might improve the lives and homes of local people.