Our mission

We are a group of companies with the aim that everything we do supports and enhances local people and the communities in which they live.

Our overall vision is simply to create and sustain truly vibrant communities. To us, a truly vibrant community is one where our tenants and local people feel safe, secure and happy in their homes and neighbourhoods. Where children grow up with aspirations and opportunities. Where diversity is respected and celebrated, and where more vulnerable people are looked after and cared for.

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Our promise

Any profit we make as a business is reinvested straight back into local communities. When you work with us or partner with us, you’re helping local people and communities to thrive. Being Ongo is believing we can make a difference, and by working with us – you will also be positively impacting the local area.


Our promise is that everything we do is reinvested back into local communities.

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How we deliver our promise

Our purpose is to look for new opportunities which will ultimately help tenants in the areas we operate and have homes. All profit made through the group is reinvested back into the organisation to help build new homes and invest further in community initiatives.

As part of our promise we created The Arc, a well-being hub based in the heart of Westcliff community in Scunthorpe. We also have the Viking Centre, the central hub for the Caistor Road Estate in Barton Upon Humber. All profit made here is put back into improving the lives of the local community.

Our vision

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To be a great landlord

This objective sets out how we go from being a good landlord to a great one. We’re committed to involving even more of our tenants and customers in our decision making, providing excellent services and running our business efficiently.

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To offer quality homes

We want to make sure all our homes are quality ones, and to make sure everyone living in an Ongo Home, neighbourhood and community are proud to live there. This objective helps us ensure this happens.

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To create opportunities

This objective is about really making a difference to local people. It sets out our customer journey, and all the ways we can support all our tenants and customers to fulfil their ambitions and have opportunities to thrive.

Local residents in Westcliff

Our responsibility

We are responsible for making sure our tenants are safe in their homes and that the information we hold is secure. We can be trusted.

We recognise people have different needs, motivations and backgrounds. We value the diversity of our communities and respect the individuality of the people who work with us and who access our services.

We promise to offer tenants the best possible value for the rent they pay so we continually look for more efficient ways of doing things. This means achieving the greatest return from our resources, maintaining the ability to borrow, maximising the rent we collect and securing as much grant funding as we can.

It also means the continued investment in our commercial businesses and build-for-sale programmes to generate as much profit as possible to reinvest and be a financially strong business.