1,000 bulbs to flower across Westcliff estate

1,000 bulbs to flower across Westcliff estate Image

Local children who live on the Westcliff estate, and care about the environment, have planted 1,000 snow drops in rough wasteland, existing planters and flower beds, as part of the We are Westcliff campaign.

The We are Westcliff campaign is something we are doing to promote all good things happening within the community. Working with some local residents we have developed a campaign and symbol that covers some themes it uses the first two letters of Westcliff “WE”. And as the year progresses we are going to capture what is great about Westcliff.

The free event saw how many children attend the Somerby Road allotment, where they learnt about growing food in containers, then walked back to the Westcliff estate where they worked hard planting the bulbs which will flower next year.

Colin Deroche, a local parent said: “We live in a house on the estate and do not really have much of a garden. I think it is really important that children get a chance to be outside and learn to love the world around them.

“Thank you Ongo and The Arc staff for making this happen. We will look forward to watching these flowers grow next spring.”

The Arc have lots of bulbs left, so if you are aged 18 or over and live in Westcliff, please pop to The Arc and ask at reception for some to plant at home and enjoy.

If you would like to be involved in any of activities at The Arc, please get in touch with staff by calling 01724 298818 or follow us on Facebook.