£1 million investment in new fire doors

£1 million investment in new fire doors Image

As part of our commitment to invest over £83million in our existing homes over the next 10 years, work began in January to replace all fire doors in three high rise blocks at Market Hill, Scunthorpe.

There are 19 floors in each building meaning 133 doors per block and around 400 in total, costing around £1million.

The work includes the replacement of all flat entrance doors, communal doors and screens to the lift lobby and stairwell areas.

Matthew Hubbert, Compliance Project Manager, said:  “Ensuring the highest standard of fire safety is maintained in our high rise building is of the utmost importance to us, and is something we don’t take lightly. That’s why we carry out regular checks, install safety equipment and make these kind of upgrades.

“These type of doors are already in place, as they are extremely important in helping to control the spread of fire throughout the building if the worst ever did happen, but we think it’s time to modernise them.  

“This is just one of many investment projects we have planned in over the next few years, and we’re excited for this work to complete.”

Mila have been awarded the contract and are expected to complete installation in Crosby, Sutton and Princess House next month.

Joyce Wright, a tenant in one of these homes commented: “The doors are all finished in our block. They make the place look a lot better, they’ve reduced noise outside and the draft that comes in too.

“I feel safe in my home anyway, but these new doors definitely make you feel safer. It’s nice to know how important our wellbeing, and spending money on existing homes, is to Ongo.”

If you live in these high rise blocks, please remember you must not make any alternations (including fitting door bells, signs, screwing anything into the doors) and report damage immediately, as this may affect the doors ability to resist fire.  If you live in any of our other homes and you want to find out about fire safety, click here.

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