We are investing £17million to build bungalows across the region

We are investing £17million to build bungalows across the region Image

We have plans to build 96 bungalows across Scunthorpe, Doncaster, Hibaldstow, Belton, Winterton, Marton and Skellingthorpe over the next two years.

These are set to include one, two and three-bedroom homes for affordable rent, social rent, shared ownership, rent to buy and outright sale.

All will be finished to a high quality, modern standard with level access, shower rooms, generous private gardens and on-plot car parking.

Special features delivered in some homes include a dormer style three-bedroom layout and fully accessible wheelchair standards.

Some are also flexible one-bedroom bungalows, built large enough to divide the main bedroom, creating a second where needed.

Housing Needs surveys and demand data provided by local authorities has consistently shown a need for smaller occupancy dwellings (one and two bedroom). This was the case particularly for older persons in locations where they have always lived, but are unable to secure a smaller home because of lack of supply.

To address this, we have incorporated a large number into their development programme.

Martin Phillips, Development Manager here at Ongo said: “We’re delighted to be growing our offer of bungalows. We know how much demand there is and it’s great to be able to listen to views of our customers and take action.

“Another thing we’re very proud of is the variety we have. From social rent making homes more affordable than ever, to different options for people wanting to buy, that may have thought it wasn’t achievable for them without a large deposit.

“We look forward to watching these sites progress and handing keys over upon completion.”

We have plans to spend over £45million on major investments and decarbonisation work on existing homes in the coming years, along with building hundreds of new homes.

Take a look below at the list of sites which include bungalows, due to be completed in the coming years.

Broadwater Drive, Doncaster
– Amount: Seven total, two and three-bedroom
– Timeline: Complete 2023
– Type: Affordable rent

Ville Rd, Scunthorpe
– Amount: One total, two bedroom
– Timeline: Complete 2023
– Type: Affordable rent

Coates Ave, Winterton
– Amount: 12 total, two-bedroom
– Timeline: Complete 2023
– Type: Affordable rent

Ashtree Close, Belton
– Amount: 12 total, one and two-bedroom
– Timeline: First three 2023, remaining 2024
– Type: Affordable rent

Warley Rd, Scunthorpe
– Amount: Four total, one, two and three-bedroom
– Timeline: Complete 2024
– Type: Affordable rent

Stow Park Road, Marton
– Amount: 10 total, one-bedroom
– Timeline: Complete 2024
– Type: Affordable rent

Jerusalem Rd, Skellingthorpe
– Amount: Six total, two-bedroom
– Timeline: Complete 2024
– Type: Social rent

East Common Lane, Scunthorpe
– Amount: 28 total, one, two and three-bedroom
– Timeline: Complete 2024
– Type: Affordable rent

Ings Lane, Hibaldstow
– Amount: 16 total, two-bedroom
– Timeline: Complete 2025
– Type: Rent to buy, shared ownership and open market


Rent to buy offers people the opportunity to rent at a lower cost than market rate, to allow saving for a deposit, giving them the option to then buy their home.

Shared ownership allows for a share of a property (between 25-75%) to be bought and rent to be paid on the rest. Then, when it is affordable, larger shares can be secured until reaching 100%.

Social rent is calculated according to a formula that takes into accounts local incomes and property values, whereas affordable rent is set at up to 80% of local private sector rent.