A life-changing moment

A life-changing moment Image

“I was in such a low place – I just wanted my old self back.” 

Last year, Susan’s confidence and wellbeing was non-existent. Trying to summon the motivation to leave the house became a battle, the thought of trying to get back into work reduced her to tears, and such was the depth of her despair that she even began to contemplate taking her own life.

Understanding that something needed to change, and finding her last bit of emotional strength, she visited The Arc to see what help and support was available.

That was where everything changed.

She first spoke to Kim, one of our Wellbeing Coaches, which Susan admits was a ‘really open and enlightening chat’.

She said: “I broke down in tears, and it was very emotional, but it was the first time I’d spoken about how much I was struggling. It felt like a massive weight lifted off my shoulders, and I started to feel a positive change in myself almost straight away.”

Help was put in place immediately. Susan began to see a counselor through Ongo Talk, she received continuous emotional support from Kim, and she also did a range of wellbeing courses to improve her self-esteem and outlook on life.

In recent months, she has been helped by our Employment Support team to create a CV and look for work – something Susan confesses she wouldn’t have dreamed of a year ago.

She explained: “It makes me cry to think back to where I was at before all this, and the positive journey that I’ve been on since.

“I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve received, I can’t begin to put into words the difference it has had on me. It’s reassuring to know that the help is there no matter what, and it just shows that there are people to talk to and your life can change even if you think there’s no way back.

“That day I went to The Arc was the best thing that I ever did – I’ve found myself again.”