My case study - Adam

My case study - Adam Image

Today, as part of our Apprenticeship Week celebrations, we hear from Adam Bacon one of our current apprentices.

Name: Adam Bacon
Job title:
Cyber Security apprentice
Tech & Innovation
When you joined Ongo:

Q1. Tell us a bit about your apprenticeship and why an apprenticeship appealed to you?

My apprenticeship is a level 4 Cyber Security Technologist. I am learning about cyber security concepts, techniques, values and how best to employ them at Ongo.

It appealed to me because of my interest in IT security and the course material that I have been completing. It touches on network security through to end user security and so far it has been insightful and fulfilling.

Q2. How did you find out about apprenticeships?

It started when I was struggling with my mental health. With me being an Ongo tenant, I was referred to the Ongo Talk counselling service to talk to someone.

This is where I first met Dan Vockins, he helped me massively, and by talking about my mental health to get me where I am today. He is also the person who introduced me to the possibility of doing an apprenticeship.

I had heard about apprenticeships historically through the job centre, colleges, and university but I had not given it much thought as I was looking at university at the time. Since finishing university, I was open to finding a role that was both challenging for me to do and offered opportunities to learn.

Q3. What advice would you give someone considering an apprenticeship?

The best advice I can give anyone considering an apprenticeship is to ignore any stigma that surrounds the apprenticeship. Where initially I have been to university it was mainly because of peer pressures, and looking back at it, the apprenticeship is as much of a valid option if not more than what university is.

You get to achieve industry recognised qualifications whilst attaining vital experience that can put you a step above people who go down the purely academic route.

Q4. If you had one sentence to describe your apprenticeship, what would it be?

The experience that I have gained as result of this apprenticeship has been invaluable to me. I feel like I have developed myself professionally and academically more in these past 16 months than what I have in my entire professional career.