Another business launches with the help of Sparc

Another business launches with the help of Sparc Image

This time last year, due to Covid-19, Ash Prior was made redundant. 

However, this presented an opportunity for Ash to focus on her dream of becoming a wellness professional who supports people in various aspects of their lives. 

In order to do this she got in touch with our Sparc team to set up her own business.

Ash said: “I wanted to create something where I could offer wellbeing support to people.

“This would include life-planning and coaching for those looking to achieve personal goals through to being a guide when somebody is working through the stages of grief and bereavement.”

The Sparc project can give support and guidance in becoming self-employed. 

Jill Dickinson, Sparc Manager was able to help Ash through listening to her ideas, offering support on a range of things including refreshing her CV and giving personalised guidance. 

Through Jill’s guidance Ash was able to start her business in January 2021 and it’s called Positive Reflection Coaching.

She has created a Facebook, and Instagram to promote the support that she can offer for anybody who may be struggling.

Ash said: “Sparc has given me the confidence to give this a go, something that I might not have tried on my own.

I feel very happy to have made this step and would like to thank the Sparc team for their support!”

This is a great example of how the Sparc project makes a difference to local people, and not only improves the local economy by introducing new businesses, but changes lives too.