We have been awarded £150k to support people in financial hardship

Glasspool Charity Trust has awarded us £150,000, to support individuals, couples, and families in financial hardship.

The Flexible Frontline Fund, offered by Glasspool Charity Trust, aims to increase financial wellbeing and reduce distress by providing grants to ensure people get the support they need to make positive changes.

This could mean improving their financial position, living in a more settled home or feeling more able to manage their lives.

A maximum of £500 per household (£750 in some cases) can be awarded, with some of the funding available for non-tenants accessing our Journey to Work.

The range of options include the following examples: furniture and white goods, flooring, beds and bedding, essential clothing, baby equipment, tools and work equipment, IT equipment and personal identification documents, including a driving licence.

A share of £12,500 per quarter can be accessed through our MyHome app, with a Tenancy Sustainment Coach, or directly through Ongo Communities for non-tenants.

Hayley Cullen, the Skills and Personal Development Manager said: “This funding will make such a difference to our customers.  Being provided with a cooker, a fridge or carpets will help tenants feel more settled in their home.

“The implications of purchasing a school uniform will help with the financial costs, and the chance to offer a TV and TV licence will be a lifeline to someone who is socially isolated and help them to feel more able to manage their lives.

“We’re delighted we’re able to extra support as we know how crucial it is.”

For more information about Glasspool Charity Trust, go to: www.glasspool.org.uk.