CASE STUDY: N's story

N has been referred to the SPD team by a PCSO working in Communities North. The officer had recognised that as an Ongo tenant, N needed a multi-agency approach to support her with multiple life barriers.  She had ongoing physical and mental health issues, was struggling to manage and maintain her property, and had suffered with domestic violence in her previous marriage.

Following on from a diagnosis of ADHD, her children had also been reported by neighbours in the local area, and police were dealing with complaints of anti-social behaviour against her. N felt under extreme pressure and the stress had further contributed to her physical and mental health issues.

N has disclosed PTSD and a feeling of ‘complete and utter emptiness’.  We realised that multi-team support would be required to give her the help that she needed.

Firstly, we discussed Ongo Talk; our mental health specialists, and a referral was made to them to complete a counselling assessment and plan some activities to give N some positive social interactions and build her confidence. It would also give her time away from her home life while her kids are at school and to better promote her independence since the breakdown of her marriage. At this time, we liaised with Humberside Police who spent time around the children and social services who supported the household. Referrals were also made to the Family Fund to access a short break for the family.

A referral was made to the Tenancy Sustainment Team to provide some support around managing bills and the Income Team to address her current arrears. N also engaged with Ongo’s Customer Resolution team and the police who are dealing with the complaints of anti-social behaviour. We regularly update the PCSO on her progress with our team and a line of communication is present.

The SPD team recently reached out internally, and have managed to obtain a single bed, duvets and pillows and are enquiring into more furniture for her property. An application to Glasspool has been made to source white goods and applications to both COSARAF, to clear recharges which occurred from a former property while domestic violence was present, along with a referral to National Energy Action for advice and grants around utilities.

While this level of support takes time, N is now engaging well with Ongo Communities and Tenancy Services alongside Humberside Police to reach a satisfactory outcome.

It is hoped that with this multi-agency support, she will continue to progress further over time. She is also currently engaging with the Blue Door for domestic abuse support and is in the process of enrolling with Adult Skills to look at training courses.