Celebrating 100 years of housing

Celebrating 100 years of housing Image

This year marks 100 years since the Addison Act was passed, which opened the door to council housing.

The act, which helped to finance 500,000 houses within three years, was introduced after the First World War in an effort to rebuild.

To celebrate the milestone, our Housing Officers Nicola Gott and Scott Matthews visited our 100 year homes to deliver flowers and chat to tenants. There are 15 in total on Chapel Street, Keadby, Smith Street, Scunthorpe and Sheffield Street, Scunthorpe.

Scott Matthews, who is the Housing Officer for Chapel Lane, Keadby said: “It’s been great to see so many tenants today to mark the occasion. Some didn’t even know how old their home was, so it was nice to explain the history.

“Council houses and housing associations have changed and developed so much since 1919, but the reason we’re here will always be to provide quality housing to those who need it, and I’m very proud of that.”

Margaret Drewery, 77, who is an Ongo tenant said: “I’ve never lived anywhere else and I’ve seen huge changes over the years, with new people coming and going.

“It’s a lovely idea to celebrate with tenants, thanks so much to Ongo for my gift.”