Celebrating our local community hero George Freeman

Celebrating our local community hero George Freeman Image

As part of our We are Westcliff campaign, we want to celebrate everything positive that happens in the local area.

George Freeman is usually seen at The Arc educating people about the health benefits of local honey. He is an active member of our community and helps by volunteering his time and endless energy to two community centres, both The Arc and Westcliff Community Centre by helping people in the local area, producing his own honey and assisting with any questions or guidance people may need.

He has a passion for helping people and this involves rescuing unwanted bees from peoples lofts and garages.

When we asked George why he volunteers, he said: “I am in my 80’s, I love people and I love life. It is great to help other people and I find the more I do the more I want to get involved in community projects.

“I would encourage anybody who is able to get involved with the community, give a little bit of your time and see how good is makes you feel”.

Because of George’s amazing commitment to helping the local community, our colleagues wanted everything he does to be celebrated by gifting him a free afternoon tea for two at The Arc.

If you know a local hero who we can celebrate, or you would like to volunteer, visit the Arc or call the team on 01724 298818.