Change to out of hours, as voted for by you

Change to out of hours, as voted for by you Image

In May we introduced a new and increased out of hour’s service, after our tenants voted in favour of this.

The service provider for this recently changed from Pinnacle to Orca, bringing a change in operating hours. The switch has introduced around £4k worth of savings, with additional resources from the new provider available if needed.

This decision to change operating hours was made after a consultation exercise with tenants, where over 80% voted to begin the service at 5pm instead of 6pm.

This is down to the low volume of calls we typically receive during that time, with only three calls made between 5-6pm on average each day. Staff will instead use that hour to work during times we know are our busiest, which will reduce call queues.

Becky Johns, Customer Service Manager said: “This switch is a great move and means we will provide a better, more efficient service to tenants, as we will achieve quicker call answering times and look at ways to add in online reporting for out of hour’s emergencies.

“We’ve found it really helpful to consult with tenants, it’s always nice to hear their thoughts and we’re really pleased to make decisions based on their views.”

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