Creating social value for us and you

Creating social value for us and you Image

We use social value to help improve the skills, employability and well-being of local people to support businesses and enable economic growth in the community.

Social value is a fundamental part of our responsibility. It’s a way to quantify how different interventions affect people’s lives and measures the overall impact on both individuals and communities.

Just some of the ways we deliver this is offering access to training, jobs and wellbeing services, delivering placements, apprenticeships and providing counselling and mental health advice.

Our approach is rooted in our beliefs and how we do business, creating purpose led economic-based initiatives.

On average our projects deliver over £14 of social value for every £1 spent, this is huge and way above the UK average of between £5-£9.

In today’s business environment, the key lies in maintaining this momentum, encouraging all organisations to become social value creators, as we work to build a fairer, greener, and better society. 

In the past decade, businesses and public sector organisations have actively been seeking opportunities to generate tangible, measurable actions. As a community thrives, so too does the workforce, which in turn helps businesses flourish.

Along with maintaining our own commitments, we also partner with businesses to connect and grow a relationship, allowing them to deliver a broader, more adaptable range of social value services.

Here’s how we can grow social value together:

  • Access our social value subject-matter experts to identify and tailor what we can do to help
  • Identify existing social value activities and understand their impact
  • Learn how to expand current social value activities, add new ones and leverage them when responding to tenders
  • Add credibility, impartiality and validate your social value activity
  • Develop and embed a social value strategy to support your organisational values and tendering goals

Maryanne Fitzgerald, Engagement and Enterprise Manager at Ongo said: “This week is Social Value Week and so is a perfect opportunity to celebrate that everything we do aims to creates this, and we are leading in this field.

“We do work with other businesses to help them achieve their goals and embedded a strategy. This helps to improve the skills, employability and well-being of local people which in turn enables economic growth in the community.

“If you’d like to work with us to grow social value together, please get in touch, we’d love to help.”

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch to discuss the opportunities to work together. You can email or call 01724 844848.