Customer Conference welcomes over 60 people

Customer Conference welcomes over 60 people Image

On Wednesday 1 June, we hosted our annual Customer Conference at the Wortley House Hotel in Scunthorpe.

This year’s event followed an environmental theme with interactive sessions on creating a greener future, smart home technology and modern methods of construction.

The rising cost of living, along with employment, financial and mental health support were featured, with a Q&A and opportunities to ‘have your say’ throughout.

Goodie bags, prizes, networking and lunch were also provided, with over 60 people attending on the day.

David Masters, one of our tenants, commented: “Fantastic event today, such a warm reception and great presentations. Everybody involved deserves a huge pat on the back.”

John Parsons took to Twitter to say: “I really enjoyed the day. It was much better than I expected. Nice to have left thinking that perhaps we made a useful contribution.”

Alan Gouldthorpe also tweeted: “Great event, thoroughly enjoyed it.”

The event is part of our commitment to listen to tenants, involve them in decision making and encourage as many as possible to have an active role in the running of their organisation.

Wendy Wolfe, our Customer Engagement Manager said: “We were delighted to see so many new faces at the conference, with so many new ideas.

“The theme this year is so relevant and important to us, and is part of everything we do now. One of our main focuses right now is becoming a net zero organisation by 2050, so it’s great to get tenants involved in that.

“I’d like to thank everyone that attended and helped to make the day a success.”

If you’re a tenant and would like to get involved in future events, or have your say on decisions, find out more on our social media or website, or get in touch with the team on