Dave's story

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Less than a year ago, Dave had high rent arrears, was struggling with the condition of his home, plus there were some safeguarding and domestic abuse concerns. The fear and anxiety was impacting on his health, leaving him in a very dark place.

Dave initially agreed to support but, when he was contacted, he didn’t want to pursue it for fear of what a family member who had been causing him issues would do. Things changed when they took money from him and, after police involvement, Dave started to get support from us and other services.

Soon he began to clear things from his home, a number of repairs were arranged, and he succeeded in applying for some financial support to his housing costs to start paying off arrears. Dave is also looking to move due to health conditions, so another grant was secured to reduce the arrears which will allow him to move in the near future.

From regularly breaking down and being very upset before the support, to now having more confidence and leading a much happier life. He is now paying his bills on time and in full, and continues to improve the condition of his home.

Dave said: “The support from Sunita and Jo brought me back from wanting to end my life. I couldn’t see any way out before, but they have been like a pair of guardian angels and deserve the highest recognition for what they’ve done for me.

“I can now hold my head up high and be proud of who I am.”

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