Digital campaign to take place in Westcliff

Digital campaign to take place in Westcliff Image

As part of our mission to encourage as many tenants as possible to choose digital, we’re launching a pilot project in Westcliff.

The project will begin this month for a year, and will provide tenants with digital and online based training, as well as promoting a cultural shift of digital engagement among all residents on the estate.

The team will use it as a way of promoting wellbeing and mental health support, tenancy advice, and reduce isolation of those who might not be digitally engaged.

Aims also include recording any missing email addresses, changing preferred methods of contacts to online and see an increase of 25% of Westcliff tenants actively using the My Home Customer Portal and App.

Fran Rhodes, Regeneration Coordinator, said: “We’re really excited to launch this campaign and get as many tenants as we can online.

“This will not only help them with our services, but through training and practice, they’ll incorporate it as part of their everyday life, introducing things like online banking and job searches.

“It all links in with our mission to get as many people online as possible by providing training, opportunities and the right platforms to support this. We can’t wait to see the outcome.”

If you live in the Westcliff area and want to find out more about this project, give the team at The Arc a call on 01724 298818, or get in touch with them on social media.