We are supporting End Digital Poverty Day

To mark End Digital Poverty Day 2023, we are highlighting our online help and support available for local people.

Taking place on Tuesday 12 September, it’s a nationwide initiative created by the Digital Poverty Alliance, dedicated to raising awareness about the pressing issue of digital poverty in the UK.

More than ever, not having online access can create barriers in education, employment, healthcare, and social inclusion, with a significant portion of the UK population lacking the necessary resources to participate fully in the digital world.

To help tackle this we are offering all employment support, training and counselling to their customers digitally and is gifting devices to increase their reach.

So far the team has gifted 100 laptops to customers living in rural, harder to reach locations and as part of the Digital Poverty AllianceCurry’s have donated a further 17 digital items (including laptops, tablets and digital devices) to further this work.

The team has also undertaken Digital Eagle training provided by Barclays Bank, so they’re able to provide guidance on navigating the internet safely and the benefits of enhancing digital knowledge.

Victoria Barratt, Mentor said: “Providing a digital service so that everyone can take part and access support, guidance, and training opportunities is so important to us.

“It has been brilliant to provide devices to those who need them the most, and being able to reach customers who we wouldn’t have been able to before.

“We want to make sure that all customers have access to the same level of support and hope to continue growing this work going forward.”

Elizabeth Anderson from Curry’s commented: “Devices and connectivity are often the biggest practical barrier to families getting online, whether they need to access schoolwork, healthcare, employment opportunities or entertainment. 

“Digital exclusion is a big issue in our area and we’re delighted we could donate devices to help more people get online.”