Dine & Dance brings over 80 people together

Our ninth Dine & Dance event took place on Wednesday 6 December, which over 80 tenants, over the age of 55, attended for an afternoon of festive fun.

Held at Heslam Park in Scunthorpe, the event was completely free of charge.

It included lunch, a photo booth, bingo, a choir performance and singalong, a raffle and music for those who wanted to get up and dance, or just sit join in.

Tackling social isolation and bringing people together was the key aim, and it gave tenants the chance to meet new people and spend time with friends and colleagues.

Wendy Wolfe, Customer Experience Manager said “The event was a huge success and everyone who attended enjoyed the afternoon.

“These kinds of events are a great way to involve people from our retirement schemes who may not socialise much or have many plans over the Christmas period, they may live alone, and this gives them the chance to meet people and have some fun.

“Seeing the happy smiling faces of the residents taking part, joining in with the games and singing to the music makes it a special afternoon and gives something back to everyone.”

Richard, a tenant who attended said: “It’s a lovely event, it breaks the day up, and gives us an opportunity to get out, meet people and have fun.

“It’s all free and I’ve been coming for the last five years. I’d say my favourite part is after the meal when everyone gets up for a dance.

“We’re very grateful for all of the social events organised, like today, Bingo down at The Arc every week, and lots more throughout the year.”

Sylvia who also attended said: “Mixing with people like this really helps your mental health, which is so important as you get older.

“When there’s so much bad in the world, something like this brings happiness to people and that’s what matters. If you can help anyone by just being friendly, you should do it.

“I live in an Ongo sheltered scheme so it’s nice to spend the day with my neighbours and friends, but also chat to new people.”