Ending of the extra £20 per week of Universal Credit

Ending of the extra £20 per week of Universal Credit Image

The government has announced that from September, the extra £20 uplift for Universal Credit Claimants will come to an end. 

The increase was introduced as a one year measure, and was designed to support more than 6 million families on a low income, through the pandemic. However, it is due to end this month as the economy open back up. 

On August 11, a message was sent to all claimants to notify them of this upcoming change, and the last payment date they will receive this increase.

The message also gave information and useful resources on how to manage Universal Credit claims and budgeting support. 

Matt Kelly, Income Manager at Ongo said: “We understand that income changes may take some adjusting for families, so we want to be clear to all of our tenants that we are here.

“We are mapping the impact, so that we can reach out and have conversations with those that will be effected, letting them know how we can help.

“We will work with tenants to budget, help them into work or training through our projects, make sure debt is managed and above all, be a reassuring, helpful and understanding ear.”

If you’re a tenant and are worried about this change, please get in touch with our team. To find out more about Universal Credit, go to: www.gov.uk/universal-credit.