Enhancing the environment

Enhancing the environment Image

Two groups of local residents have been working together to share their passion for growing and bring their community gardens to life in West Butterwick and Scunthorpe.

After starting during the first lockdown, the tenants of Riverside Flats in West Butterwick have been growing a range of vegetables and brightening up the green-space.

Col Cranidge, one of the involved volunteers, said: “The garden has been coming on really well since last year – it hadn’t been used before so it’s been a complete transformation.

“We’re a small band of volunteers, seven of us in total, but work has developed really fast which shows what can be achieved in a short space of time.

“We’re growing food such as chillies, potatoes and tomatoes, and we have a small greenhouse as well. We’re looking to get permission for another one soon so that we can grow even more in the future.

“With restrictions lifting in recent months, we’ve also been meeting outside to catch-up with one another. That’s been really nice, and we’re hoping to have some barbecues in the summer as well.

“The most important thing is how we’ve got to know each other better and become even closer friends through this. It’s strengthened our little community, and we all love working together and helping each other – that’s what it’s all about.”

Another group of residents have also been planting a number of flower beds, starting a vegetable patch and putting up decorative lighting at Durham House (Scunthorpe).

Lynn Manton, part of the community, explained: “What we’ve done has really brightened our flats. It was pretty bare before, but we’ve all taken it upon ourselves to make it a bright and welcoming sight.

“That includes somebody who only moved in a couple of months ago but wanted to contribute straight away, and people who had never done gardening before and who now have a passion for it. It’s been so nice to give people new skills and a new direction, a sense of purpose.”

Tracey, local resident, added: “I’ve lived here for over four years, and I didn’t know the first thing about gardening up until recently. That was when Lynn and the others helped me to learn – now I absolutely love it and am always thinking of different things that we can add.

“I love sitting out here during a day when the colourful flowers are in bloom, and in an evening when the lights make it a picturesque sight. Because we have planted things in tribute of residents and family members who have passed away, it’s a chance to look back and remember all of the good times that we shared.”

We are encouraging more residents to come together and starting growing their own with new planters being installed and allotment projects to get involved in too.