Hales and Coultas mission to cut carbon

Hales and Coultas mission to cut carbon Image

Hales and Coultas, a plumbing and heating company based in Scunthorpe and part of our Ongo Family, has been awarded four huge contracts to fit air source heat pumps to a number of homes in the Scunthorpe area

These contracts form part of their mission of being carbon neutral by 2025. However, they aren’t waiting around to make change, fitting as many environmentally friendly solutions to their customers as possible. 

Air source pumps are now considered one of the greenest options when it comes to heating. They are considerably less harmful for the environment when compared with a traditional boiler, and they mark the path for making more homes carbon neutral.

Installing a heat pump could cut carbon emissions on one home by more than 23 tonnes of CO2 over 10 years, the same as 40 return plane journeys between Gatwick and Milan.

Due to increased efficiency, they will also save thousands of pounds over their lifetime, as well as making a huge change to carbon footprint.

Currently only around only 5% of UK households use air source, but this is set to increase, and is a change Hales and Coultas are preparing to be at the forefront of making happen.

Michelle Mills, Manager at Hales and Coultas said: “We are proud to be part of this huge change. Cutting carbon emissions and helping others to make the switch to be more environmentally friendly is a huge passion of ours.

“That’s why these four contracts are so important to us, because if everyone takes that step or starts to make small changes, it will make a huge impact overall.

“Although we initially set a mission to be carbon neutral by 2025, we don’t want to wait until then and are doing as much as we can right now.

“If you’d like to find out more about air source pumps or more environmentally friendly options for your home or commercial space, please get in touch with us.”

Hales and Coultas work with us on a huge number of project and have an excellent reputation in both the commercial and domestic spaces of plumbing and heating.

To find out more about them or the services they provide, head to their website (www.halescoultasplumbing.co.uk) or call their friendly team direct on 01724 843703.