How more than 300 people have got a job through Ongo

How more than 300 people have got a job through Ongo Image

Ongo Recruitment continue to make strides forward with helping local people secure employment. Take a look at some highlights:

Training and development

Our Recruitment and Employment Support teams have joined forces to make the service more accessible than ever. They can help you with employability skills, training, education and mental health support whilst helping you to get a new job.


In the last year, 21 people have secured apprenticeships with Ongo Recruitment in a number of different industries and job roles. An apprenticeship is a great way to learn whilst you earn and is open to absolutely anybody. Click here to discover how one of our apprentices is 40+ and enjoying his work and education.

Temporary to permanent

We have helped 297 temporary workers secure full-time employment in the last year, meaning they now have more job stability and security.

A career in care

Fancy a job that helps people? To support the current shortage of care worker, we are training 10 to 20 applicants per month to become carers and then helping them get a job in this sector. Find out more here.

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