Ian Sowerby: How Sparc helped me become my own boss

Ian Sowerby: How Sparc helped me become my own boss Image

For the last 22 years, like many in Scunthorpe, I have worked at the Steel Works. However, when lockdown hit in March 2020, I was made redundant and suddenly found myself out of work.

This was a huge shock. On one hand being out of work was hard for me mentally, and I was really missing having that routine, but on the other I got to spend more time with my 11 year old daughter which was great.

I knew that when I got back into work I needed something that would be flexible around childcare, and because of this, my options were limited. That’s when someone mentioned the idea of self-employment and it just clicked. 

I’d heard about Sparc and how they help people like me set up a business, so in the same month as being made redundant I got in touch to see how they could help. They gave me some great advice, but with lockdowns and school closures it wasn’t until August 2020 I really started to focus on my goals. 

I’m very proud to say that in February this year I.S Property Management was born and my client list is growing every day. We carry out general repairs and maintenance around the home and garden, install security features and other smaller jobs like building furniture and other home improvements.

This all wouldn’t have been possible without the Sparc project helping me to set up a business plan and get all of my affairs in order. Everyone is really friendly and can’t help you enough, you feel like they genuinely want you to success and that really motivates you.

Not only have the team helped me set up, but they were one of my first official customers too. In February I began work on their Safer Streets Project in Westcliff fitting outdoor security features and lights. Its little things like this that really make a difference to a new business starting out.

I can honestly say I love getting up each day knowing I’m my own boss. I always thought setting up your own business was too much work, too difficult and there’d be too much paperwork involved but Sparc has showed me that’s all a myth and if I can do it, anyone can.

I’m so happy with how my business is progressing and am looking forward to growing it in the future. If all goes to plan I’d love to give a little something back and take on an Apprentice in the next couple of years too.

If you’re in a position similar to mine or would like to find out what it takes to set up your own business, please get in touch with Sparc. It might just change your life.

To find out more about our Sparc project, call the team on  07780 702 910, send an email to sparc@ongo.co.uk or click here.