Meet Board member, Kacper Merta

Meet Board member, Kacper Merta Image

Kacper Marta became a Board member in 2022, joining the Homes and Communities Boards.

Living in North Lincolnshire for most of his life, Kacper has developed strong ties with the community.

As a tenant from a young age he became familiar with the way the organisation operates, and was impressed with how it contributes to improving the lives of local people.  

He brings valuable insight on issues tenants face, as well as areas we could improve in order to deliver a better service.  

Kacper is an active member and voluntary worker of the Polish Cultural Centre in Grimsby (PCCG), organising events and trips, managing resources and finances, and recently the Help for Ukraine collection. 

He graduated with a degree in Leadership and Management and is currently finishing a Bachelors Degree in Business Studies.

University education has allowed him to obtain knowledge in accountancy, finance, economics, marketing and management, which he intends to use in a future career within the property sector. 

Out of work Kacper is passionate about cinematography, video editing and leading a healthy lifestyle, attending the gym regularly and learning about nutrition.

When asked about his role here he said: “Becoming a Board member gave me the chance to learn how Ongo operates and the work they do to improve the lives of others.

“Since joining, I began to realise the amount of work, thought and dedication people around me put in to really making a difference.

“The way it directly impacts the community around me is so significant, especially during present times with the rising cost of living, inflation and post Covid implications. I take pride in being a voice for these people and representing them as a tenant.

“I get to share my perspective and take a glimpse into ‘the other side’ of the process. That’s something which continues to surprise me and motivate me to keep learning.”

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